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About the Institute
Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering (IITE) was established in the year 2006 with a vision to train and upgrade the technical skills of engineers as per the requirement of the industry. It was a conscious effort to look beyond the theoretical framework, acquire an understanding of the real world and decipher its main concerns. The journey of IITE to transform raw talent into seasoned engineers has been the longest at Indus University, making it the eldest constituent institute till present-day at the university.

In the initial stage, IITE was affiliated with Gujarat University from the year 2006 to 2008 and subsequently with Gujarat Technological University from the year 2008 to 2012, until its expansion into a constituent institute in the year 2012.

All the programmes under this institute are framed to enhance and refine the technical perspective of students, ultimately transforming them into independent and innovative thinkers and highfliers. To achieve this goal, flexible yet effective curriculum has been designed wherein students are encouraged to learn through open interactions, fieldwork, and projects, which asks them to push themselves at the edge of their limits. Because we believe, applied knowledge is equally important as theoretical and it is a fine blend of both that helps individuals expand and progress.

Institute of Technology & Engineering provides work and play environment to boost students persona and intellect quotient all through the academic period. While they are exposed to fieldwork, much weight is given to research and development in the fields of engineering. Students are encouraged and supported in a variety of ways to plan and execute startups. High-class laboratories and modern tools are available to ease the journey of booming startups and innovation. Faculty members at ITE play a significant role in building entrepreneurs par excellence.

To sum up, ITE is an umbrella encompassing multiple disciplines, achieving excellence in leaps and bounds with the support of Indus family.


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