Indus Japan Center of Excellence


Indus Japan Center of Excellence offers language training to students who aspire to learn Japanese dialect. Apart from mastering foreign language, participation in the programmes organized by this center enhances the ability to multi-task; make accurate decisions, boosts brain power and memory, eventually, heightening the overall growth of students. Not to forget the perks it brings along to bilinguals, wrapped as opportunities in India and abroad.

Indus Japan Center of Excellence focuses on the following aspects:

  • Language training
  • Collaboration programmes with Japanese universities, institutes, and corporates
  • Student exchange programmes
  • Faculty development programmes
  • Skill development programmes

This center works to teach and improve the communication skills of students, as we believe that students shall be spending considerable time with human resources along with the machinery at the industry. Artificial intelligence undoubtedly helps human professionals but is nowhere seen to be replacing human professionals any time soon. Thus, accurate communication is the key for humans to open jammed doors.

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