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Student Corner

At the University, we have a very active and vibrant Student Body, constantly engaged in the creative intent of a holistic, well-balanced career and life. Their spirit and enthusiasm towards creating a rich campus life are prominent in the number and type of activities and events they organize on campus, running from music concert shows to hands-on workshops to print and graphic workshops to sports, games, debates and quizzes. Many Student Clubs on campus present many opportunities to become engaged and involved in the campus activities and contribute to the vibrant environment.

Student Affairs Committee

Cultural Domain Clubs

Indus University firmly believes in acknowledging arts and culture to maintain its rich legacy and encourage the students to recognize its importance.

Students at Indus University celebrate different functions, organize cultural events, talent hunt programmes, and annual day functions to keep the spirit of togetherness. The University has set up other Clubs and activity committees to ensure smooth celebrations of various events at the University premises or outside.

The students manage the various activity clubs and organize multiple events under the direction and guidance of faculty members, strengthening their organizational and team-building skills, which are essential in today's competitive world.





Particularly for the purpose of these regulations, the definition of different words used be defined as under:-

1 Student means the student admitted in any institution of the University at any level i.e. Certificate, Diploma, Under-graduate, Post-graduate or at Ph.D course etc.
2 Institution means the Institutions established under Indus University at Under-graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma or Certificate level courses whether on campus or on off campus.
3 Head of the Institution means the Director or any other person who is heading the institute
4 Hostel means the hostel managed or recognized by the Indus University.
5 Term A portion of an academic year, normally coinciding with a semester. The words “Term and semester” are generally used synonymously.
6 Ragging Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, or handling with rudeness any other student, in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such student will not do in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student.


Discipline rules to be observed by the students admitted:

  1. All the students admitted under the different institutions of the University will have to observe and abide by the discipline rules prescribed by the University / Institute and he / she will submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Head of the Institution / Vice Chancellor (Indus University) and other competent officers or authorities or bodies of the University as the case may be and in this respect he / she has to submit the declaration in the Performa attached herewith as Enclosure -1

    The student will also be required to give an undertaking in the Performa attached herewith as Enclosure – 2 to be filled up and signed by the candidate and his parent/ guardian to the effect that he/ she is aware of the University’s approach towards ragging and the punishment to which he/ she shall be liable, if found guilty of ragging.

  2. Rules of discipline to be observed in or outside the institute of the University:
  • Every student must carry his/ her Identity Card which should be produced when demanded;
  • It is mandatory for the students to attend the classes, sessions, prayer, co-curricular activities on all working days from the start to the end of the term/ semester/ trimester. Absence due to illness or unavoidable circumstances shall be considered only if the application is supported with medical certificate in case of illness and / or leave application form from the parent is submitted to the Head of the Institution.
  • Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner and abstain from chatting amongst themselves while the class is in progress;
  • Students are expected to be polite individually or in groups and show respect to the faculty/ staff of the institute/ University;
  • Any indiscipline or misbehavior in class or in the campus or in the bus or even outside the campus would warrant disciplinary action against the student(s);
  • Any action of any individual, group or a wing, which amounts to interference in the regular administration of institute, is prohibited. Disciplinary actions will be initiated against such student(s);
  • Causing disfiguration or damage to the property of the University or belongings of staff members or students is prohibited.
  • No student shall indulge in any activity that might be illegal or may lead to disorderliness;
  • No student shall be in possession of liquor, drugs or any intoxicating materials, nor would consume such things.
  • Smoking cigarettes/ chewing pan or tobacco or gutkha is strictly prohibited at IU campus and in the visibility of IU campus.
  • Indecent behaviour in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the classroom.
  • Activities like video shooting, photography, playing musical instruments and listening to radio, tape recorder, etc. are prohibited on the Campus except with the permission of the Head of the Institution.
  • The students are expected to be in the class rooms/ Laboratory or any place of study on time prior to the commencement of the study.
  • Use of helmets is compulsory for everyone who rides a two-wheeler to and from the campus;
  • Students should follow a decent dress code when they come to the University
  • Any kind of ragging in the class, campus or in the bus or even outside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Any kind of misuse of Internet, intranet or computer software, mobile is strictly prohibited.
  • Disobeying any instructions of any kind issued by the Head of the Department or Head of the Institution will be considered as in disciplinary action on the part of the student.
  • The items which are not covered above and which the Head of Institution considers as in disciplinary action will be dealt with, under these rules.
  • Use of crackers in the IU campus is strictly prohibited.
  • No Parking in Prohibited Area.
  • No playing during academic hours, if students bring their own sports equipment’s, then equipment’s will be seized if they play during academic hours.

  1. The disciplinary rules to be observed in the hostels of the University or the hostels recognized by the University: -
  • As the hostel is located on the campus, the students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner, which will not cause offence, inconvenience to other members at the campus.
  • The students must observe complete discipline inside the hostel premises and see that no wasteful improper and destructive use is made of amenities such as water, electricity, furniture, etc. The students shall be responsible for any damage done in the building or any other articles in the hostel, and will be required to pay the damages as decided by the management
  • Each student will see that his / her action does not lead to breach of privacy or cause inconvenience to other residents of the hostel
  • The student will observe decent behaviour in such a way that it will not cause disturbance of any kind to his / her fellow residents.
  • Students shall be in the Campus / Hostel premises by the designated time as decided by the competent authority.
  • No waste paper or rubbish would be thrown around / in the hostel. When the student(s) goes out of the room, he / she should see that the lights are also switched off.
  • A student shall only occupy the room when seat is allotted to him/ her in the hostel and shall not change the same.
  • Hostel student shall not stay overnight out of the hostel without the permission of official designated by the Head of the Permission for such requirement should be sought in writing, indicating the address with the telephone number at which the student will be spending night.
  • Boys and Girls can interact with each other in the designated areas as decided by the Competent Under no circumstances, the boys and girls will enter the rooms of each other.
  • Ragging in the hostel and on the campus is strictly Any student indulging in this will be liable to be expelled not only from the hostel but also from the institute / university.
  • Gambling, possession and usage of alcoholic drink and narcotics anywhere within the hostel premises is strictly This is in accordance with the legal requirements of the state, and breach of this clause under state laws will be dealt with according to law.
  • No celebrations or social gatherings shall be held in the hostel premises without the prior permission of the Head of the Institution.
  • All complaints about the staff working in the hostel shall be made to the warden and under no circumstances the students will abuse or assault the staff.
  • Use of crackers in hostel premises is strictly prohibited.

  1. Additional Hostel Rules for the Girls
  • No visitor will be invited to take part in meeting or a function without prior permission of Registrar of IU.
  • In case student desires to stay out of the hostel for the night or leave the station, she should apply to the officials designated by the Head of the Institution in writing along with recommendation of local guardian or parents and obtain necessary permission.
  • No other person(s) will be allowed to enter the premises of the hostel without the permission of the warden except the local guardian and the parents during the prescribed time.
  • No student will be permitted to enter after the roll call unless she produces a written permission obtained from the warden, which will not be on the basis of the request made either by the local guardian or parent.
  • Even during prescribed time for visit, the concerned visitors have to make entry in the register kept for the same.

  1. General Rules for the Hostel
  • Hostel accommodation will be made available to a student only for the stipulated actual duration of the course which he/ she is in. Students must vacate their rooms at the end of each academic year and hand over the rooms to the hostel in charge.
  • The student will be required to sign the receipt of the items of furniture and fixtures to be used by them. They will be responsible for any damage to any furniture and fixtures or the property of the rooms. While leaving the room at the end of the semester, every student shall handover the charge of the furniture and other material available in the room to the warden.
  • Students desiring to reserve their seats for the next semester must submit their applications for re- admission in prescribed form to the warden before they leave for the vacation.
  • If the student locks the room with private lock and leave for vacation, the warden shall have right to open the lock and take possession of the room.
  • The final year students should vacate the hostel within 7 days from the date of completion of the final examination failing which he / she has to pay an amount per day per room as decided by the in charge of Hostels (Indus University) from time to time.
  • Security of students’ belongings is their own The students have to make sure that they lock the rooms properly before they leave for the day’s schedule. Any theft should immediately be reported to the Warden and Head of Institution.
  • The officials of University / Institutes have right to inspect any hostel room at any time.
  • No guest will be allowed to stay overnight in the hostel rooms.
  • All types of payments like light bill, or other charges, if any, will be paid at the hostel office.
  • All the visitors including non-resident students should record their details of visits in the register kept on the reception counter.
  • Food will not be served in the hostel unless a student is sick and unable to move out to the canteen.
  • The student at the time of admission will get name of the local guardian approved by her parents in the prescribed Performa.
  • All cases of sickness must be reported immediately to the warden/ institute This is a joint responsibility of the sick student and his/ her roommate and those in the adjoining rooms. Emergencies or accidents should also be immediately reported to Warden and Head of Institution.
  • The University has right to change the allocation of rooms or get the rooms vacated anytime if exigency demands.
  • The visiting hours of the guardian of the student will be determined and during that period only the local guardian can meet the student in the designated areas only.
  • The University reserves right to change any or all the rules without prior notice.


Procedure to be followed for imposing penalties:

For disobeying any disciplinary rules, the competent authority as defined under relevant regulation will take disciplinary action against the student concerned. There shall be separate procedure for imposing minor penalty and major penalty. The following indisciplinary action on the part of the student shall be subjected to the major penalties:

  1. Damaging the property of the University / Institutions (moveable or immoveable)
  2. Involving in violence on and outside the campus including instigating the violence.
  3. Involving himself / herself in criminal act like using alcoholic beverages, drugs, gambling on or outside the campus including instigating the other students for such action.
  4. Ragging in and outside the campus.
  5. Any act which deteriorate the over all atmosphere in the campus or the institute.
  6. Theft of University property or the property of the other students, staff or any other person on the campus.
  7. Any other act which the Head of the Institution feels as gross misconduct, which are not covered under the above category.


Procedure for imposing major penalties:

For imposing the major penalty as defined above, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. As soon as the information about such in disciplinary action is brought to the notice of the Head of the Institution concerned, the Head of the Institution will report the incident to the Chairman, Discipline Committee. The Head of the institution will suspend the student concerned from attending the classes / practical or any other academic activities.
  2. The Discipline committee from the university will submit the report at the earliest but within a week’s time after inquiring the details by inviting student(s), parent(s) and will record the statements. They will also examine the other witnesses and record their statement. The committee will also examine the circumstantial evidences.

On the basis of the report of the Discipline committee, if the Chairman, Discipline Committee feels that the student(s) is /are involved in in disciplinary action which amounts to gross misconduct then they will make recommendations for the major penalty to be imposed and will be submitted to the Vice Chancellor (Indus University) and on the decision of the Vice Chancellor (Indus University), a show cause notice shall be issued to the student concerned and after the reply received from the student concerned, the final decision about imposing the penalty will be taken by the Vice Chancellor (Indus University).


The major penalty includes following:

  1. In case of criminal act or moral turpitude, the initiation of police action against the student(s).
  2. Prohibiting the student concerned from appearing in the course or courses in Semester End Examinations.
  3. Detention of the student(s) for a semester or more.
  4. Rustication from the University or from its institutions for a period of one year or more.
  5. Permanent rustication from the Indus University or from its Institution.
  6. Any other major penalty, which the Vice Chancellor (Indus University) feels appropriate to impose.
  7. Imposing fine up to Rs. 20,000/-
  8. If the individuals committing or abetting ‘ragging’ are not identified, collective punishment could be executed to act as a deterrent punishment and to ensure collective pressure on potential ‘raggers’.

In case the student is involved in any kind of ragging and is punished for the same, the mention of the same will be incorporated in his / her migration certificate.


The minor penalty includes following:

For any other in disciplinary action other than the in disciplinary act covered above, the Head of the Institution will be competent to take action against the student concerned and impose minor penalty after hearing the student concerned and also the other persons, which the Head of the Institutions feels appropriate or the person designated by the Head of the Institute.


The nature of minor penalties which can be imposed:

  • Warning
  • Giving special assignments of the nature for which, the Head of the Institutions will be competent to decide.
  • Imposing fine up to Rs. 10,000/-
  • Putting the student on conduct probation for the period, which the Head of the Institution feels appropriate.
  • Prohibiting to the student to appear in limited to two subjects in Mid Semester Examinations / Mid Term examinations including End Semester Examinations.
  • Suspending student for attending classes for a period not more than one week.
  • Any other minor penalty the Head of the Institute feels appropriate.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the above provisions will not be made applicable to the students who have used unfair means in the Examinations or for the purpose for which the separate provisions are provided in different academic regulations.

Cultural Domain Club involves-

Dance Club

Dance Club

The Club's objective is to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the collaborative approach in performing arts through leadership, participation and reflection. It empowers the participant to discover their dancing spirit and helps in enhancing extra-curricular activities. It also enables a student to enter into the professional world of performing arts.

Fashion Club

Fashion Club

Fashion has a commendable impact on the present culture and the day-to-day lives of individuals. The influence of Fashion in our lives gives us the privilege of venturing into new overtures. Fashion enables us to revisit the traditional boundaries of our culture and establish new frontiers without losing the original essence. The Club's objective is to encourage students to express their creativity in designing clothes and to help them explore other areas of the fashion industry. The budding designers are equipped with challenging leadership opportunities. Fashion Club will be a place for improving oneself, networking with others and exchanging ideas with other students and faculty on campus.

Literary Club

Literary Club

The Literary Club develops the student's academic skills. The activities carried out by the Club aims at grooming and shaping young talent. The interpersonal activities, competitions, and workshops are designed to boost the students' confidence and self-esteem. It also seeks to give an extra edge to the students' soft skills.

Music Club

Music Club

Music Club beholds the aim of bringing together the music enthusiasts on a common platform to enjoy and appreciate music rhythmically. It also helps students to cherish and enrich their undying love for music.

Photography Club

Photography Club

The Photography Club is devoted to promoting the art of photography among students by bringing together those interested in helping each other capture better pictures and educating, encouraging, and enhancing photographic knowledge and skills.

Social Awareness Club

Social Awareness Club

The Club focuses on sustainable development and charity by bringing together the students with a passion for volunteerism and enthusiasm for bringing change.

The main activities carried out by this Club are as follows:

  • Blood Donation
  • Relief Works
  • Campus Cleaning
  • Charity (Joy of Giving)
  • Plantation etc.

Sports Domain Clubs

Playing a sport is a perfect way for students to break from academics and release pent-up energy. It allows them to lead fuller and happier lives, as regular sports and fitness activities have provided students with physical, social, and psychological benefits. Participating in athletics has been known to enhance the cognitive and memory functions of the brain, enabling performance better in tests and academics.

Our sports club has come up to play various sports. Many outdoor games like volleyball, cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, athletics, etc., are played to guarantee students' fitness. Sports have become a prerequisite for regular physical activity. Our Club also offers many indoor games like badminton, chess, carom, TT etc.

Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Engineering Courses and Eligibility
Sport Domain Club

Technical Clubs

The Club is developed for multidisciplinary students to interact in different domains to identify social problems and furnish engineering solutions. This initiative enables us to build team spirit, leadership and practical skills. The Club's objective is to make the participants understand the purpose of an engineer.

Technical Club involves-

Coding Club

Coding Club

The Club's primary objective is to assist programming in empowering logical and object-oriented skills. A platform is provided for computer science and related branches students to enhance their extra-curricular interests and orient them to the industry through guest lectures and seminars. It also aims to support and encourage the members' common interests in amateur programming and coding.

Designing Club

Design Club

The main objective of the Design Club is to develop an interest in designing brochures, advertisements, small pamphlets for different events and web designing through additional designing software.

Motor Sport Club

Motor Sports Club

The Motor Sports Club is a group of interdisciplinary budding Engineering students with a passion and obsession in life. The group participates in the world's largest intercollegiate engineering competition event conducted by FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) every year. Indus University (IU) Motor Sports Club's vision is to serve as a breeding ground for India's finest engineers & innovators who shall lead the advancement in the field of automobiles.

Robotics Club

Robotics Club

The Club is created to develop an interest in robotics among the student community. The Club offers indispensable guidance in the form of workshops and tutorials to build robots & provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills, knowledge and creativity through conceptualizing, designing and programming robots. The Club offers the opportunity to participate in competitions organized at the national and international levels.