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student code of conduct

About Code of Conduct

Indus University aims to achieve educational greatness by delivering the most increased quality education and contributing to original and impactful research to crack industrial and societal problems. Therefore, scholarly integrity and analysis standards of the highest level are expected from every student. Academic integrity indicates adherence to specific values and moral conduct in academics. Research ethics are generally developed methods for creating awareness among researchers connected to principles providing the scrutiny of research tasks and responsibility of individuals as reliable partners of the educational community to help society well.

Code of Conduct - General

All students admitted into different institutes of the University will have to observe and abide by these rules prescribed by the University/Institute and he/she will submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Executive President (Vice-Chancellor), Head of the Institute and other competent officers or authorities or bodies of the University as the case may be.

  1. Attendance: All must remain present during the University's prevailing timing and attend all classes. A student with less than 80% attendance due to whatsoever reason, including medical ground and participation in extracurricular activities in a course, will be barred by the concerned faculty member from appearing in the course and End Semester Examinations (ESE).
  2. Dress Code: The students are advised to wear decent dresses. They are free to wear fashionable attire, but dressing in a provocative or unkempt manner cannot dilute the University's culture.
  3. Language Code: All students must use only dignified language while on campus. All students are expected to maintain dignity while talking to faculty members, employees, and other institute students. All students are advised to communicate in English only.
  4. Using Mobile Phones in the lecture halls or instructional/academic area is strictly prohibited. The mobile phone would be seized and a fine will be levied if any student is found violating the same.
  5. While on the University's campus, all students are advised to take extra care of their personal belongings like a purse, bag, mobile phone, identity card, etc. In case you find any belonging, please deposit the same at the student section/administrative office.
  6. All students must check the notice boards and emails regularly. The students are required to keep themselves updated with different notices, circulars etc. and revisions in the rules, if any, from time to time informed through emails/website/notices. For this, students have to check through their email ID allotted to them by the University and regularly check the University website/notice board.
  7. All the rules and regulations, procedures and systems being framed by the University from time to time are required to be followed by all students.
  8. Indus Campus is a "Smoking, Tobacco and Drug, Free Zone." Chewing of tobacco & smoking and consumption of drugs on the campus is prohibited. All are requested to adhere to the prohibition of drinking alcohol on campus. Spitting anywhere on campus is strictly prohibited.
  9. Ragging or any such activity is strictly prohibited on the campus. It is a punishable act. Ministry of HRD, AICTE and Hon'ble Supreme Court of India also view it seriously and you can be put behind bars and your admission may get cancelled. Ragging in any form inside or outside the campus, hostel, canteen or bus/transport will attract serve punishment.

Code of Conduct - Academic Conducts & Disciplines

Academic Conduct and Discipline

The University attaches utmost importance to strict integrity and honesty in all segments of academic work. Any act of misconduct committed by a student inside or outside the campus shall be an act of violation of the University's discipline. Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provision, violations of discipline shall include the following:

  1. Not carrying his/her Identity Card at all times and producing when demanded.
  2. Not attending classes, sessions, co-curricular activities etc., on all working days from the start to the end of the term/semester. Absence due to illness or unavoidable circumstances shall be considered only if the application is supported with a medical certificate in case of illness and/or leave application form from the parent/guardian is submitted to the Head of the Institute within 7 days.
  3. Any form of dishonesty, including an attempt to copy or help others copy in any manner, is strictly prohibited. Unless specified otherwise by the teachers concerned, students must not collaborate / syndicate in any manner for the completion of home assignments and projects.
  4. Penalty for breach of academic discipline includes expulsion from the University.
  5. Marking proxy attendance for others and having attendance marked by others will attract severe punishment.
  6. Cases of indiscipline or misconduct such as mass abstention from class, irresponsible behaviour inside or outside the class, use of unethical practices during the internship, or violation of rules and regulations of the program will be severely dealt with.
  7. The University reserves the right to impose fines for acts of indiscipline.
  8. If a student has not paid the fees at any stage or has dues pending due to any reason whatsoever, or in any case of indiscipline is pending, the student will be barred from giving the examination.
  9. Damaging or defacing university property or the property of members of the University or any other property inside or outside the University campus will be punishable.
  10. Use of abusive and derogatory slogans or intimidator language or incitement of hatred and violence or any act considered to further the same will attract punishment.
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