Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes Details

Overseas Students

All students at Indus University benefit from an educational experience that is both enriching and gratifying. Students' daily schedules include an appropriate balance of work, play, and leisure activities. For Students from a foreign country, curriculum and pedagogy have been created so that the teaching-learning process of international students is both fascinating and interesting. Learning through case studies, project-based, problem-based, and selecting elective subjects that are of interest to the student generates genuine interest and involvement. Aside from that, activities such as the Induction Program, the Mentor-Mentee system, and the strong link between students and professors keep the international students ready and motivated to learn at all times. 

Throughout the year, the organization of technical, sporting, and cultural activities at the departmental, intra-institutional, and inter-institutional levels have been established to keep the international students actively involved and stimulate their creativity. The establishment of an annual calendar of activities, the planning and organization of activities by student bodies, and the establishment of a reward system through healthy competitions all contribute to the vitality of campus life.

We encourage international students to apply to a university that will provide them with a strong attitude and valuable experience in a relevant field of study to achieve a higher milestone,

Citizens of countries other than India, who are not of Indian origin as defined under PIO are eligible under this category.

15% supernumerary seats are available for admission to PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) and foreign students. Of this, about one-third, i.e. 5% is reserved for children of Indian Workers in Gulf and South East Asia.

Candidates seeking admissions to these seats should have passed their Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent with subjects’ viz. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

The fee for PIO, Foreign students and Children of Indian Workers in Gulf and South East Asia is US$ 5,000 or equivalent Rupees per year.