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Indus University has been established to make a noteworthy contribution to the social, economic, and cultural life of our country. The founders of Indus University seek to deliver the best quality education to their students. The three pillars on which this University firmly stands are educational wisdom, professional brilliance, and research & innovation, all of which aim to nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

"ज्ञानेन प्रकाशते जगत्"
"Knowledge Enlightens the World"

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Vision & Mission

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Awards & Recognization

Indus University

Vision & Mission
Awards & Recognization

Professional Courses Indus Offers

The aspirants are bestowed with manifold courses to choose from. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in the following areas:

Engineering   -   Design & Architecture   -   Computer Science   -   Business Management   -   Aviation Technology   -   Clinical Research   -   Skill Development   -   Indology   -   Indic studies   -   Sustainability   -   Arts and Humanities   -   Commerce   -   Pharmaceutical Science   -   Pure Science   -   Applied Science   -   Legal Education

Management Mission

Vision of the University

  • To be an internationally acclaimed university, amongst our country's best universities for Academic Excellence, Professional Relevance, Research & Innovation. 
  • To seamlessly integrate Indian Values & Global Ethos.
  • To foster a culture of educational wisdom, professional brilliance, and research & innovation.
  • To nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.
  • To develop a competent, mindful and devoted to the common good.

Mission of the University 

  • To offer quality technical and management education to its community members in the best traditions of the creative and innovative teaching-learning process.
  • We encompass the philosophy" Where Practice Meets Theory" by ensuring State-of-the-Art infrastructure and attracting talented and qualified human resources.
  • Believing in extensive growth, noticeable steps are taken whenever required to prepare students for the commercial industry worldwide.
  • To encapsulate, Indus looks forward to meeting the standard global criteria, making a significant impact in academia, research & development.

Objectives of the University 

  • To build an environment that fosters the development of brilliant young minds as innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • To build an infrastructure that promotes the highest standards of research & innovation.
  • To share learning through a simple teaching process IDEA-R – Illustration, Dissection, Exposition, Analysis & Reciprocation.
  • To offer courses that further contribute to society and the country's requirements.
  • To act as a catalyst between the industry, students, alumni and faculty members, maintaining balance.
  • To continue upgrading course curriculum and regular academic auditing processes & procedures to meet skilled human resource requirements.


  • High-quality education and a passionate profession make a person a complete professional. 
  • Keeping this view in mind, Indus University has embarked on an evolved path to provide professional education in diverse disciplines of Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, Architecture, Aviation Technology & Information Technology.
  • We ensure that the successful students of these programs translate themselves into professionals.
  • Course curriculum related to practice is returned following the theory concerning all the programs offered in the University.

Awards and Recognition

Indus University has been established to make a noteworthy contribution to our country's social, economic, and cultural life. Having belief in the power of education, the builders of this university intend to impart wisdom to society's youngsters.

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