A Design School in India Offers a Variety of Design Courses

A Design School in India Offers a Variety of Design Courses

Specialisation in Design Courses

-Product Design

Candidates for the B.Des in Product Design degree are instructed on the most recent trends and technologies that are anticipated in a variety of designing processes in modern industries. A product design degree offers students a wealth of choices among the many specialities offered in the course curriculum and is therefore regarded as a broad academic field of design. A bachelor's degree in product design implies a combination of imaginative artistic sensibilities and employable skills. A product design course places a strong emphasis on developing original concepts for designing and renovating products that can be sold on the market. The course today unquestionably gives you one of the best platforms to showcase your discoveries and gain widespread popularity, notoriety, and huge salaries on the pitch.

Specialisation in Design Courses

-Interior Design

A four-year UG programme called B.Des in Interior Design focuses on the art and science of comprehending human behaviour in order to design environments that are useful for people. For their clients, students who study interior and spatial design create surroundings that are sustainable and ecologically sound.  A complete understanding of the modern professional practice and all parts of project management in the field of interior design is provided by a B.Des in Design. Through project-based learning, this course aims to provide professional training in the creation of innovative design solutions for interior environments. A B.Des in an Interior Design group will be an independent organisation made up of people who cooperate to achieve a common objective. In addition to verbal presenting abilities, students will learn about technical tools, including AutoCAD, hand drawing, and model making.

-Communication Design

In other circumstances, the costs of commuting have been eliminated by digitisation, making site design and digital branding essential to modern trade. As a result, competent Communication Design graduates are appropriate for the contemporary "virtual market" era and are now quite crucial across practically all businesses. In order to create designs based on consumer sensibility and the client's brand image, such specialists would ideally have excellent analytical skills and consumer awareness. They must have strong creative abilities, advanced artistic talent, and the necessary computer capabilities to convert their artwork into a graphic design. Such candidates would be skilled communicators who could comprehend the needs of the client and convey that person's vision through their design.

-Fashion Design

Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), commonly known as B.Des (Fashion Design), is an undergraduate course that deals with the study of designing clothes, items and accessories. Six semesters make up the three-year Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) curriculum, which includes both theoretical and practical classes. Fashion design entails creating apparel and accessories in accordance with the trends and fashion industry styles. Students study different design patterns, fabrics, textures, sequins, and beads. Designers conduct research on current industry trends in fashion and develop styles and designs that adhere to people's requirements. Designers also produce looks and patterns for particular customers that desire specialised designs for their apparel and accessories. The B.Des (Fashion Design) programme is an option for students who want to learn more about the design business and pursue careers in the manufacturing, textile, or fashion industries.

Eligibility Criteria for Design Course

Eligibility Criteria for Design Course

To be qualified for an undergraduate design course, a candidate must pass the 10+2 exam from any stream. There are varied percentage requirements at many universities. But frequently, they are anywhere between 50% and 55%. For post-graduate Design courses, a bachelor's degree with a cumulative grade score average of at least 50% is necessary. There are a number of limitations on persons with diplomas enrolling in master's programmes. Yet, depending on the university and institute one is applying to, entrance requirements for design courses are constantly changing.

Highlighting the Scope of Design Courses

Designing degree programmes is one of the most significant theoretical options for those who want to be creative. You must have exceptional talent, enthusiasm, and dedication for the area of study that interests you, as well as an extraordinary talent for selecting a career in design. Design is one of the most cutthroat and complex industries. Due to the growth of digitalisation and the burgeoning design industry, there is a huge need for designers. Designers have many employment options outside of India as well. There are several rapid job openings for enthusiastic people from foreign countries. Yet, you need to have a vast imagination if you want to flourish as a designer.

Designing does not follow one path alone. According to your experience, you will have many opportunities as a designer. Of course, the potential for a career is not limited to the Indian Design Industry; a skilled designer qualified from a top design institute may also work internationally.

Highlighting the Scope of Design Courses

Scope of Interior Design

Interior design has a lot of scope in the modern world. That potential is only expected to increase, particularly in India, an expanding market with excellent growth prospects in various artistic and creative industries. With continuing demand for creative professionals in this field, many institutes also offer interior design courses in India.

  • Check out some work opportunities for Interior Designer -
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Design Architect

Scope of Product Design 

Graduates in product design have various opportunities in growing companies and multinational firms. Examine the list of product design job openings.

  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketer
  • Product Show Organiser
  • Product Pattern Maker
  • Product Finisher
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Product Illustrator

Scope of Communication Design 

Businesses with branding and advertising always look for talented people with an acute eye for detail since they must stay up with the changing trends. You have several options and a variety of opportunities at your leisure.

  • User Experience and User Interface Designer
  • Information Designer
  • Print Media Designer
  • Corporate Design and Branding
  • Advertising Campaigns


The best advice for an aspiring designer is to have a portfolio of all your work ready to demonstrate your abilities when presented with a new project.