What are the significant differences between Architecture and Interior Design Courses?

Architects and Interior Designers are two people who add liveliness to the living world with their vision. They work in sync and create artwork that is the most crucial aspect integrated with our day-to-day life: houses and buildings, the spaces we live and breathe in. It is very common to confuse architecture and interior design when your passion is creating and designing within the office and living spaces as they both have an identical work profile. But the difference between the two is vast, and each career option requires its own individual set of skills to excel in and bring out the best in the project. Here's everything you need to know about the differences between the two courses/fields to go with the most viable one that works out for you.

In the most basic sense, an architect is a person who handles the facade of a structure along with all its facilities. But not only that, but they also have to design spaces keeping in mind a lot more, like the electrical points, the structural strength, engineering aspects, safety issues and a lot of the bits that make the space easier to live in. This means what a structure is formed like on the inside and the outside. They are responsible for visually making the environment we live in brighter and more exciting. This is also precisely what they're trained and taught to do.

Eligibility for B.Arch Course

  1. "Student has passed an examination at the end of the 10+2 scheme of examination with at least 50% (45% for reserve category)aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and also at least 50% marks (45% for reserve category) in aggregate of the 10+2 level examination or passed 10+3 Diploma Examination with Mathematics as compulsory subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate."
  2. Students also should clear the entrance exam for architecture that is NATA, where students need to pass in both the category of exam individually and overall 70 marks out of 200 marks.

Eligibility Criteria for Interior Designing Course

Interested prospects should achieve at least 50% or above in their 10+2 qualifying exams.

Candidates can complete 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board.

On the other hand, when it comes to interior designers, they handle what the inside of that space will look like. They add and fill things up into the bland space that an empty house or office is. This might include wallpapers, furnishings and soft goods such as pillows and sofas. It is necessary for them to have the eye to understand what might work for space and what might not to make it more luxurious and peaceful to live in. The eligibility to enrol into a Bachelor of Interior Design Course is that the student must have successfully cleared the 10+2 exam from any recognised board with Maths as one of the subjects.

What is the difference between the Architecture and Interior Design Course Syllabus?

The syllabus throughout the 5-year course of Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) for a student includes – Advanced Visual Representation, Analytical Drawing, Applied Mathematics, Ancient Civilizations, Building Materials and Construction, Construction Project Management, Water supply and sanitation, History of Architecture and Human Settlements, Urban Design, Landform Surveys, RCC Structure, Structural Mechanics, Disaster Resilient Buildings, Lighting and Ventilation.

The syllabus throughout the 4-year course of Bachelor of Interior Design for a student includes - Geometric Construction, Material Exposure, Interior Construction, Product Semantics, Interior Landscape, Design and Drafting, Life Space Planning, Portfolio Designing, Furniture and Furnishings, CAD, Technical Drawings and Computer Applications, Basic Photography, Estimation Costing, Entrepreneurship Development, Arts and Graphics in Interior Designing.

Which has better scope in the Architecture and Interior Design Course?

Both of the courses give ample scope for students to expand their careers.

Interior Design has recently seen a boom in the market as interior designers who have the knowledge of the ever-evolving trends within the industry are always in demand. People want professionals to make their dream homes come to life. And the number of people wanting this is also on the rise in urban society. This is why students opting for this course are trained in communication skills to understand and better deliver to the client's taste and requirements. An Interior Design Course in this day and age is going to be highly fruitful for the student opting for it. Brandongaille reported that interior design jobs could have an increment of 13% in the next decade.

Architecture has always been a sought field for years now. Thousands of passionate architects pass out of the best architecture colleges across the country every year with the freshest of ideas and skills to bring to the table. And they are all given opportunities to shine as the industry is always in demand of newer builders and architects who would provide the growing urban space with precisely what it needs to liven up for the environment and the crowds living in it to be happy and always thriving. It is the responsibility of an architect not to make the environment an eye-sore. With modern urbanisation taking over landscapes everywhere, sharper minded architects who adapt to these changes and give infrastructural outputs of the same level are always needed.

Which field gives a better career? Architecture or Interior Design?

Architecture students who complete their studies have a long list of job prospects to look at as they move into the real world to apply their practical knowledge and brain full of ideas. A good Architecture Institute like Indus University's Indus Architecture School gives its students ample hands-on experience and professional exposure before they graduate, making them industry-ready. A Bachelor of Architecture degree holder can seek out their career opportunities as an – Architect, Architectural Technologist, Building Surveyor, Production Designer, Structural Engineer, Historical Building Inspector, Town Planner, Interior and Spatial Designer, Urban Planner, Restoration Architect, Construction Manager, Landscape Architect.

Interior Design specialists are always in demand in this new era of urban aesthetics. Clients constantly need professionals who understand their minds, ideas, and thoughts and bring them out into the real world using their office or living space as a blank canvas. Indus University has the Indus Design School, the Best Interior Design Institute in Ahmedabad. In their course, it provides all the necessary practical learning to a student, along with expert lectures and seminars. A Bachelor of Interior Design degree holder can check out their career options as an – Interior and Spatial Designer, Visual Merchandisers, Product Designer, Art Director, Lighting Designer, Exhibit Designer, Kitchen Designer, Furniture Designer, Textile Designer, Graphics Designer, Estates Manager, Architectural Technologist, Stylist.

Which course has better placement opportunities? Architecture or Interior Design?

Architecture Institutes pump out fresh architect minds into the society every year. And these talented young architecture enthusiasts are swept away by major companies who want to implement them and their ideas into the modern urban world. Some of the firms that may look into getting Architects of varying fields of expertise are Corporate Businesses, Teaching, Engineering Firms, Architectural Photography, Product Manufacturing etc.

Some of the biggest companies at the forefront of hiring new Architects are Shilpa Architects, Manchanda Associates, Oscar and Ponni Architects, Architecture Brio, IMAXE, and Edifice Architects Pvt Ltd, Architect Hafeez Contractor, VSA Space Design Pvt Ltd, Larsen & Toubro, Jindal.

Interior Design degree holders are rising more and more in demand as the experience in education is always cutting edge for a creative study such as the Interior Design Course. A design student is all the times required to be up to date with ever-changing tides of the trends in design and art. As time changes and people grow, their tastes vary from client to client. A qualified interior design professional's job is to adapt to these changing climates and deliver the best output possible to their clients. The industry is always on the lookout for such highly qualified bright Interior Designers. Some of the firms that hire interior designers are Architectural Firms, Event Management Companies, Set Design Companies, Designing Consultancies, Exhibition Centres, Construction Companies etc.

A few of the biggest names in the Interior Design Industry that hire fresh faces are Livspace, Inch, Bonito Designs, Tag Concepts, Urban Ladder, Acropolis, Homelane, Interia, Films Factory, Effervescent Technologies Pvt Ltd.