Automobile Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Indus University is one of the best Automobile Engineering Colleges in Gujarat. Department of Automobile Engineering, which was started in the year 2006 offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Automobile Engineering( As the top automobile engineering college in Ahmedabad Gujarat, the Department has highly skilled and experienced faculty members specializing in different advanced fields.

Automobile Engineering Admission Process

The Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) will admit students based on merit on 50% of the sanctioned strength for each course. The student needs to register himself with ACPC after the result.

50% seats of the sanctioned strength of each course are Management Quota, admission of which is handled by the institute as per guidelines of ACPC.

Automobile Engineering courses Eligibility

Minimum Aggregate 45% in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Theory exam in H.S.C. of any boards.

Automobile Engineering Course Duration

4 Years (8 Semesters)

The Department of Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2006.

Automobile Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with designing, manufacturing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is also an introduction to vehicle engineering which includes cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses etc.

Automobile Industry has garnered immense appreciation since the realization of vehicle’s capacity to ease routine migration. Excessive demand of reliable, modern yet high on comfort vehicles has made automobile engineering the most sought after field in today’s times, worldwide.

At Indus this department endeavors to teach the design, development, fabrication, and testing of components/systems of vehicles from their conceptual to realization stage. During the programme one learns about integration of basic and fundamental concepts of mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer and safety engineering aspects. It allows students to have deep study of various subjects within four years of graduation. The discipline prepares students to build new ideas & possibilities in the field of research & development of technologies and explore future sustainability of automobile industry.

The department has well-maintained high-quality laboratories like:

To sum up, automobile engineering department endlessly works towards transforming their promising students into proficient engineers.

Civil Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The Department of Civil Engineering seeks to teach its students to develop the nation through effective teaching-learning and research methodologies for the betterment of society. It offers a B.Tech and M.Tech in structural engineering and construction project management. The department is well established with all the resources and well-equipped state of the art laboratory to facilitate the teaching-learning process through which students gain the theoretical knowledge and practical applications. It offers elective courses in the higher semester where students are desirous of selecting a domain in the field of civil engineering.

BE Civil Engineering is a 4 year undergraduate engineering degree course. This course deals with the construction, design and maintenance of structures such as bridges, canals, tunnels, buildings, waterworks, airports etc.

The four months of practical training in the 8th Semester acts like a bridge to gather the knowledge from the theory to practical applications in the field where professional skills can be inculcated. The department also provides consultancy in the field of structural testing of the material, testing of soils and environmental engineering. Workshops and expert lectures are also organized for the growth of students from time to time. The civil exhibition is one of the trademark events of the department.

Computer Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

In the era of Computers, Digitization, and Online applications, Computer Technology has become a necessity for every industry. Computers have become a vital gadget in several sectors like healthcare, education, intelligence, space, science, medical, finance, banking and many more. With a massive growth in demand for computers in every part of the world Computer Engineering discipline is booming with bright future prospects.

Computer Engineering is an undergraduate engineering course which focuses on the aspects of electrical engineering and computer science to develop an understanding of computer software and hardware.

Department of Computer Engineering at ITE offers B. Tech. programme in Computer Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology. It also offers a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering.  The department follows the outcome-based learning approach to achieve programme educational objectives (PEOs) in sync with our motto, ‘Where Practice Meets Theory.’

The department focuses not only on the theoretical aspects but emphasizes the overall development of the students. It conducts various co-curricular activities such as informative workshops, industrial visits to companies, expert talks on new technologies, various technical events like coding competition, hackathon, spoken tutorial certification programme by IIT Bombay, Oracle academy certification programme along with productive debates and group discussions are planned at regular intervals. We believe, such activities along with exposure to several projects prepare students to meet the demands of Industry or the existing market. We also give a pathway to students for further studies in the research field of their choice. The department has research capabilities in various domains like data analytics & mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

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