Foundation of Indus University

Foundation of Indus University

"ज्ञानेन प्रकाशते जगत्"

Indus University is built on the foundation of quality education. It believes in "ज्ञानेन प्रकाशते जगत्", which means "Knowledge Enlightens the World."

Why and how knowledge is a virtue. Knowledge is a means to attain our goals & objective of a happy & fulfilling life, and that's why it's a Virtue.

About Indus University

The foundation of Indus University is driven by the desire to contribute significantly to our country's social, economic, and cultural life. The construction of this institution is motivated by a belief in the ability of education to transfer information to members of society's younger generations.

What is the mission and vision of Indus University?

Vision: Indus university aims to serve as a valuable resource for industry and community as our students go through their careers in the expanding fields of engineering, technology, Architecture, Design, management, Computer Application and Basic Science. We are dedicated to developing professionals who will carry forth the spirit of scientific growth.

Mission: Indus University aims to achieve academic excellence in professional education. Our mission is to concentrate on the practical aspects of the course material to make studying a meaningful and enjoyable experience while ensuring students enjoy the campus environment. We create a community of people who aspire to be visionaries.

What is the mission and vision of Indus University

What are the courses offered by Indus University?

Indus University provides a wide range of courses under different institutes.

Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering:

Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

The Institute of Technology & Engineering offers a work-and-play atmosphere to help students develop their personalities and intellectual capacity throughout their academic careers. Although they are exposed to fieldwork, engineering research and development are heavily emphasised. Students who plan and carry out startups are supported and encouraged in numerous ways.

  • BBA
  • MBA

Researchers, consultants, and sponsored researchers are encouraged to work at Indus. We regularly run faculty development programmes to help our faculty improve and interact with the most current teaching methods.

IMS is eager to meet all its graduates who are successful in their chosen industries and don't return to Indus with anything except a badge of excellence.

Indus Institute of Management Studies
Indus Institute of Information and Communication Technology
  • Dual Degree (BCA + MCA)
  • Dual Degree (B.Sc + M.Sc) (CA & IT)
  • B.Sc - Data Science
  • B.Sc - Computer Science (AI & ML)
  • MCA
  • M.Sc Information Technology

The IIICT strongly emphasises general IT knowledge, providing a thorough and tangible foundation for a fundamental understanding of all its aspects. Its curriculum forces the development of creative information technology and managerial skills, fostering technical entrepreneurship. The IIICT students are capable of showcasing their abilities and making contributions to the creation of a technologically informed society.

    1. B.SC (PHYSICS)
    1. M.SC (PHYSICS)

The IISHLS departments are staffed with capable and dedicated personnel that support the university's ongoing advancements. The operations of these departments are characterised by innovation and great attention to detail, which is present in all other Indus programmes. The modern computer, physics, and chemistry facilities are available in the departments to store and teach the theoretical components of the courses. Additionally, it has a language lab to improve communication and English proficiency.

  • Bachelor of Design
    1. Fashion Design
    2. Industrial Design
    3. Communication Design

The comprehensive knowledge development curriculum is organised to offer in-depth, progressive learning in design creation and successfully guide students through the essential steps of the design process, which vary between design disciplines. Since the design stream is largely skill-driven, IDS implements the "learning-by-doing" method beginning in the foundation years. For the finest educational experience, students and instructors have access to the best tools and technology available at Indus Design School.

  • BBA LLB (Hons): 5 Years Integrated
  • BA LLB (Hons): 5 Years Integrated
  • LLB (Hons): 3 Years

The university is dedicated to providing its students with the most excellent possible learning environments, including Moot Court, a library, journals, a lab, and practical Field Training. Law students are dedicated to receiving education from highly skilled and experienced faculty members in the criminal, business, constitution, arts, management, English, and social sciences.

  • Bachelor of Architecture

The course programme of the Institute of Architecture at Indus University ensures a crucial basis for students who develop into future professionals in architecture. The Institute has various Memorandum of Understandings with prestigious national and international institutes and universities to advance research and enhance its educational programmes.

  • B.Sc in Aircraft Maintenance

The fundamentals of an aircraft, including its engine, landing gear, instrumentation, fuselage, electrical system, radio & navigation system, etc., are understood by the students. The B.Sc. (Hons.) in Aircraft Maintenance connects the classroom sessions and campus workshops. So, the students can understand every component of the aircraft in a better way.

  • Center for Indic Studies
  • History of Christianity in North East India
  • Understanding Wokism & Postmodernism: A Social Justice Fraud
  • Natyashastra (Hindi)
  • Yoga and Wellness Center of Excellence

As part of its quest for academic success, the university is strongly committed to fusing Indian cultural values and ethos through various activities. That is why the Indus Institute of Special Studies (IISS) was founded. In the general conviction that "Knowledge knows no geographical limits," this Institute would also endeavour to comprehend different dimensions of society.

Why Indus University?

The Indus University has taken a dynamic focus on providing professional education in diverse disciplines such as engineering, architecture, design, management, computer applications, aviation technology and information technology to ensure that successful students of these programmes translate themselves as professionals rather than professional degree holders – a requirement and necessity in today's ruthlessly competitive professional environment. Our sole objective is to impart practical knowledge to students to be equipped for the multidimensional challenges of the world after completing their education.

Life at the campus and facilities for the students:

The college campus is one of the essential considerations while choosing a college. With this in mind, the campus of Indus University has been designed to encourage the holistic development of its students.

The Indus campus is 16 acres in size and designed for students. Students can study in a calm and knowledge-driven environment surrounded by nature at Indus, located away from the busy metropolis of Ahmedabad.

Aside from lectures and field and industry visits, the university curriculum encourages participation in extra-curricular activities such as talent shows, cultural activities, sports, hackathons, debates, volunteer work, women empowerment programmes, and other activities that build lateral thinking. There are 24 student clubs for the various activities.

The university hosts various tournaments for sports such as Football, basketball, cricket and Kabaddi. Computer Labs are equipped with the most advanced systems and 24/7 internet connectivity. Indus University boasts a 600 sq. meter Library filled with over 32000 volumes of books of all bounds, leaving no knowledge spheres irrelevant or out of reach. A Canteen with fresh and nutritious food prepared following utmost hygiene code and thorough examination, with a capacity of 250, is available for students. There is a Seminar Hall and an Auditorium for seminars, guest lectures, events, and performances arranged by students and the university. Transport facilities for local students and well-furnished separate boys and girls Hostel Rooms for those out of town are also attainable. We'll always make sure you feel at home!

Admission is open for batch 2022-23.