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Top 10 Engineering Colleges

Upcoming/Recent Events

Recent and upcoming educational events listed here

Indus University was recognized as a Special Guest at the third edition of iCreate

Indus University was recognized as a special guest. at the third edition of iCreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology)’s annual flagship event - EVangalise ’23 (National E-Vehicle Innovation challenge) on December 2,2023. As a part of it, a delegation visited the campus of iCreate at Bavla, Ahmedabad campus. The delegation included Mr. Ruchit Soni- Electrical Dept. IITE, Mr. Jinesh Kamdar- Automobile Dept.- IITE, Mr. Dharmendra Sapariya- Mech Dept. IITE and Dr. Akshara Dave, IIICT. They witnessed the inauguration ceremony, final pitches of the entries in front of jury members and at last their live demonstration.

Woolen Clothes Donation Drive

Woolen Clothes Donation Drive: The Women Development Cell had organized a Woolen Clothes Donation Drive called "Make a Donation" to help those in need. Such events not only contributed to the welfare of the individuals requiring support but also fostered a sense of community and social responsibility. The timing of the drive coinciding with Diwali celebrations added a special touch, connecting the act of giving with the spirit of the festival.The staff and faculty members of Indus University had made significant contributions during the Woolen Clothes Donation Drive organized by the Women Development Cell.

Visit of Mr. Vikrant Massey and Ms. Medha Shankar at Indus University

Hindi Film and Web Series Superstar Mr. Vikrant Massey visited Indus University on October 18, 2023 for the promotion of his upcoming film "Twelfth Fail". This program was organized by Student Activity Cell where students greatly enjoyed the trailer and songs of the film shown during the visit of Mr. Vikrant Massey and Ms. Medha Shankar. Vikrant Massey highly praised the infrastructure of Indus University and during the interaction with the university officials, Mr. Vikrant said that very good work is being done here for the welfare of the students.

Muskan Melo

The members of Rotaract Club of Indus University visited “Jivan Sandhya” an old age home on October 12, 2023. The “Muskan Melo" event left Muskans and warmth on their faces, making them more beautiful. This dedication and hard work has made this heartwarming celebration a great success. Together, Rotaract Club of Indus University spread muskan, laughter, and companionship, bridging generations with warmth and love. One of the most critical aspects of this event was the opportunity for participants to discuss what they learned from the visit and how it may have changed their perspective on ageing, isolation, and the needs of the elderly in our community.

Vocal for Local Exhibition

Indus University, WIIA & Indus Student Activity Cell hosted "Vocal for Local Exhibition" at Indus University on November 7, 2023. This event celebrated the incredible talents of our students, faculty and local artists, showcasing a wide range of handmade and unique items like canvas art, stickers, handmade torans, Subh Labh hangings, Rangoli, resin articles, customized t-shirts, delicious cookies ,chocolates, food items and much more !

Blood Donation Camp

On October 10, 2023, the Student Activity Cell, Indus University in collaboration with Civil Hospital, organized a successful Blood Donation Camp, reflecting the university's core principles and ethics. Remarkable participation was witnessed, with 300 units of blood generously donated by students, staff and faculty members. Additionally, 336 Thalassemia Tests were conducted.

Garba Workshop

Garba circle became the heart of tradition and celebration of navratri. In anticipation of the festive season and "RaasRang-2023," the DANCE CLUB at SAC, Indus University, had organized a GARBA WORKSHOP where a professional artist, Mr. Yash Vora, the owner of Rang Rasiya Garba Classes, guided us in learning the intricate steps of Garba. The workshop took place on October 11, 2023 and allowed participants to immerse themselves in the art of this traditional dance form, ensuring that the spirit of Navratri was kept alive and thriving.

Music Club Meetup

On October 9, 2023, the Music Club of SAC hosted the 'MUSIC MEETUP' event. Its main objective was to create a platform for skilled musicians and music aficionados to gather, express their passion, and captivate a diverse audience. The event highlighted the exceptional musical talents present within our university, uniting more than 30 enthusiastic participants from various university branches.

Astro Talk on "Insights of Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya-L1 Missions by Accomplished Scientist"

In collaboration with VIBHA and Vigyan Gurjari, the Astro Club of SAC hosted a Session focusing on the “Insights of Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L-1 Missions”. Dr. M. Shanmugam, a Scientist from PRL, Ahmedabad, served as the Expert Speaker, delivering a talk that emphasized the significant contributions that led to the success of these space missions.

Expert Talk on “Self Grooming”

On October 13, 2023, the Women Development Cell hosted an Expert Talk on "Self Grooming," led by Ms. Hina Jain Dhanawat, an Aviation Faculty at WIIA, Indus University. Ms. Dhanawat, with over 16 years of experience in the hospitality and aviation industry, shared insights on Basic Hygiene, Makeup Tips for Navaratri, Office Preparation for the next day, and Appropriate Workplace Attire. The session was attended by approximately 20 faculty and 50 students.

Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering, Indus University is excited to announce the celebration of the 56th Engineers' Day

Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering, Indus University is excited to announce the celebration of the 56th Engineers' Day. Date: September 15, 2023 Time: 10:00 AM onwards Venue: Auditorium, Indus University Theme: "Engineering Innovation for a Resilient World" Chief Guest: Shri Nilesh Desai, Director of Space Application Center (SAC), ISRO Ahmedabad will grace us with his presence and share insights into the latest developments in space exploration. Keynote Speaker: Mr. Niraj Shah, Automation and Robotics Engineer, owner of Arihant Satiate, Ahmedabad.He will delve into cutting-edge automation and robotics trends. Industrial Exhibitions by Leading Organizations: World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), Institute of Engineers India (IEI), Water Management Forum (WMF), World of Lilliputs-3D (WoL-3D), Green Field Control Systems, Proji Systems and Technology, International Automobile Centre of Excellence (IACE).

Vedic Literature and The Dancing Body-Devdasi Tradition

3. Centre for INDIC Studies Online Course: An online course on Vedic Literature and The Dancing Body-Devdasi Tradition has been launched by Centre for INDIC Studies

Historic Precincts And Their Identity In Urban

2. INDUS ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL (IAS - IIDEA) Historic Precincts And Their Identity In Urban Situations - Case Of Banganga, Mumbai: Though the RSP students engaged and studied in the historic precincts of Banganga and tried to decipher the present condition. They tried to document forces that shape such a situation and the attributes of a place that reflects on history in such an urban condition. Nasa - Meeting With Faculty Coordinator For Lik Trophy A meeting was convened by Asst. Prof. Aditya Jain on 20th January with three batches of architecture students from different years to plan for an upcoming competition which is part of the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), as this is the first time Indus Architecture School is participating in a competition of this scale.All the basic parameters and challenges were addressed by the Secretary and Unit designee, and a flame of interest and enthusiasm was ignited among the students.


"MR. KARAN KUMAR SAINI, has been selected as OFFICER in Jr. Management Grade 1 Cadre for Branch Banking in the FEDERAL BANK LTD., at a package of Rs.13.50 LPA. MBA 2023 PASSING BATCH PLACEMENT"

Alumni Achievement

Chirav Shah, Denish Raiyani, Hem Dave, K. Santhy, and J. Muthukumar published Influence of Fly Ash on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium (Al/7Si) Alloy Composite, Metallophysics and Advanced Technologies 2022, vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 659–669

Research Insight for Beginners

Research is the process of discovering new knowledge. This knowledge can be either the development of new concepts or the advancement of existing knowledge and theories, leading to a new understanding that was not previously known. “Research is a systematic investigation (i.e. the gathering and analysis of information) designed to develop or contribute to generalisable knowledge” Research has to be conducted under the umbrella of ethics and according to the pre-determined, acceptable rules formulated by the community of scientists. Once the results have been acquired, publishing them is the moral obligation of every researcher. This would disseminate the knowledge and assist other researchers to investigate further. Writing research is not only a science but also an art and it is not easy. It requires honest and hard work with patience and perseverance. To strengthen these objectives, Research Cell Indus University organized a faculty Development Program on "Research Insight for Beginners." Details of Event: Date: 24th September Time: 9:30 AM onwards Registration Link: https://forms.gle/jUfob2HPrqSTpqR67 No registration fees but registration is mandatory to participate. All faculty members are requested to register for the FDP. All HoDs are requested to inform respective faculty members. Research supervisors are requested to inform respective research scholars for the same. Google Meet Link will be shared with all registered participants by 23rd September. E-certificates will be provided to all participants.


Research & Innovations

Research departments at Indus accurately work towards finding answers to questions not yet solved or never asked. It promotes original ideas and thoughts, discouraging plagiarism at all levels.
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