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Facilities & Eligibility


Laboratory Facilities at Indus University
Library facilities at Indus University


Transportation Facilities at Indus University


Hostel Facilities at Indus University


Lab Facilities at Indus University


Classroom Facilities at Indus University


Canteen Facilities at Indus University


Training Facilities

The only university in India is having a complete Boeing 737-200 aircraft on the campus to give students practical training and hands on experience. Learjet-24, Sukhoi SU-7 and Zenith CH 2000 are also available at the Indus Institute of Aviation for students to experience flying on real planes. This learning framework was created in accordance with industry standards for the aviation sector and had the support of the director general of civil aviation (DGCA).

For the practical training, the Indus Institute of Aviation Technology & Engineering provides its students with a Boeing 737 that is fully equipped with all the necessary controls, instruments, an Axial Flow Turbo Fan Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17 engine, emergency doors, cargo doors, etc. Aviation training of the highest caliber is provided in India by Boeing in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College.

The Indus Institute of Aviation Technology and Engineering is delighted to be the owner of a real Boeing 747-200's air conditioning system and Bogie-type landing gear for the students' hands-on instruction. The Landing Gear, the brake unit, and various accessories and sections of the Landing Gear are planned for removal and construction. Students gain practical experience using large aircraft equipment, providing them with a competitive benefit in the global aviation industry. Imagine being able to take classes with live engines that are disassembled, bolted, and brought to life at the Indus Institute of Aviation Technology and Engineering. Students would complete this in actual workshops at MROs.

Transport Facilities for Students

Transport Facilities

We provide teachers with secure transportation alternatives, as do our students. Buses that travel following set routes and cover more than 60% of Ahmedabad are among the fleet of vehicles. Local Municipality buses can be used in addition to private university buses to get to campus. Metro train facility has been active in Ahmedabad now for easy transportation up to nearby stop.  

Transport Facilities for Students
Canteen Facilities at Indus University

Canteen Facilities

The meal at the canteen is prepared well, taking into account the wide range of tastes and preferences among faculty members and students. We use steam boilers for cooking vegetables and rice for high-quality, hygienic food. The meals served in the canteen are regularly inspected for cleanliness and freshness. The canteen has two sections: one for staff and one for students. Both are big enough to accommodate 250 faculty members and students simultaneously. 

Canteen Facilities at Indus University
Sports and Entertainment Facilities

Entertainment & Sports Facilities

We believe that the students should evolve the coordination and enthusiasm for the studies and the athletic program. Our sports facilities will improve and develop the fitness and concentration level of the students. It increases brain to body coordination and promotes concentration levels and a sense of balance in sportspersons. Since its inception, Indus University has been teaching the students the culture of sportsmanship and spirit.

We also organize Inter College Sports Fest, Sports Meet, Indoor Games Competitions, Sports Function, etc. These events engage the students and help them discover their talent in sports.

Sports and Entertainment Facilities
Classroom Facilities

Classrooms & Labs Facilities

The classrooms are made to be learning centers by proper seating and discussion arrangements.

Classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated, with twin boards and high-quality projectors attached to the ceiling.

Classroom Facilities
Hostel Facilities for boys and girls

Hostel Accommodation

At Indus University, we recognize the benefits of living at home and provide all the comforts you require. Separate hostels for boys and girls have 24-hour access to rooms that are big, comfortable, and well-furnished. A built-in gym and fitness center are available to promote a healthy lifestyle. In the event of an emergency, on-campus first-aid assistance is available, and surrounding hospitals are accessible.

Hostel Facilities for boys and girls
Architecture Course

Library Facilities

The library is about 600 square meters in size. There are numerous publications that are educational, scientific, historical, fictional, and non-fictional that span all academic subjects, including engineering, management, research, design, aviation, English, mathematics, physics, and more. It features a library of about 36,000 volumes of books in addition to subscriptions to more than 250 national and international magazines. You can get electronic books, journals, and project reports on CDs and DVDs. There is a reprographics facility, too. We have an organized process employed to lend books or other resources in order to maintain the system's coherence. 

Architecture Course
Saminarhall and Auditorium at Indus University

Seminar Hall & Auditorium

Bringing together professionals and academics who have similar views is the goal of conferences, seminars, and workshops. Examples of these subjects include enhancing one's verbal communication abilities, learning more about a specific issue, and extending one's network. 

Saminarhall and Auditorium at Indus University
Courses and Eligibility
Courses and Eligibility
Courses and Eligibility
Courses and Eligibility


Degree Course Offered and Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

  • The student must have earned a 3-year engineering degree in any discipline or a 10+2 diploma with PCM topics that have been authorised by the AICTE.
  • At the time of entrance, students must be between the ages of 16 and 28.
  • Students must not have any physical impairments, including blindness.
  • Students must have received at least 45% in PCM or an equivalent in their 10+2 course.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering:

  • Candidates must have passed their 10+2 exams in the fields of mathematics, physics, and chemistry with good fundamental knowledge.
  • In 10+2 levels, a qualifying aggregate score of at least 50% is needed.
  • Candidates with a mechanical or related science diploma from a post-tenth-grade programme are also welcome to apply.
  • A student must successfully complete an entrance exam, such as JEE Mains.