International Students at Indus University

International Students at Indus University

Why Gujarat for Higher studies?

The Indus University has a dynamic focus on offering quality education in a variety of sections like engineering, architecture, management, design, computer applications, aviation technology, and information technology to ensure that intelligent students of these programmes translate themselves as experts rather than professional degree holders – a requirement and necessity in today's fiercely competitive professional environment. Our only goal is to give students with practical information so they will be prepared for the many problems the world will provide once they have completed their studies.

Historically, Gujarat has been lauded more for its propensity for entrepreneurship than for its ability to develop highly skilled workers. Gujarat takes great pride in its rich cultural heritage. Residents of Gujarat are referred to as Gujaratis, and Gujarati is their primary language. Gujarat is a state that is doing well in every regard. Due to this, many individuals from all over India have relocated here for various purposes, including trade, education, and other endeavours. The people of the state are firmly bound by their traditional moral code even if it has prospered and is moving in the direction of progress. This will probably change rapidly, given Gujarat's government's goal of making the state the centre of the nation's educational system. The efforts are concentrated on drawing students from other states in India as well as from abroad. Gujarat has advanced significantly in terms of industrial growth. One of the states with the most notable growth rates is this one. However, its higher education system hasn't been able to turn out graduates who are ready to enter the workforce right away. Improvements have been made in the primary and secondary school fields, but changes are still needed in higher education. However, the state administration is actively working to raise the state's higher and technical education standards.

Indus University was founded to significantly contribute to our nation's social, economic, and cultural life. The founders of this institution hope to educate the youth of the community because they believe in the power of education. The founders of Indus University work hard to give its students the most excellent possible education. Significant efforts are made to provide students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the commercial sector. At Indus, education is the goal of every action.

Indus's warm welcome to International Students:

All students at Indus University find their academic experience to be fulfilling and entertaining. Students' daily schedules effectively balance work, play, and free time. To make the teaching-learning process engaging and entertaining, curriculum and technique have been devised expressly for international students. Education through case reports, project-based, problem-based, and selecting elective areas in which the learner is interested produces genuine interest and involvement. International students are always prepared and motivated to learn thanks to initiatives like the Induction Program, the Mentor-Mentee system, and the tight contact between students and teachers.

The implementation of technical, sporting, and cultural activities at the departmental, intra-institutional, and inter-institutional levels has been established to keep university students interested and encourage their creativity throughout the year. Campus life is improved by developing an annual schedule of activities, allowing student governments to plan and coordinate events, and putting in place a reward system through positive competitions.


Campus Facilities:

Transportation facilities: We offer teacher and staff personnel safe and secure transportation options. The fleet of vehicles includes buses that travel along predetermined routes and cover more than 60% of Ahmedabad. In addition to private university buses, local buses can be used to go to campus.

Canteen facilities: Given students' diverse tastes and preferences, the food at the canteen is prepared well. For high-quality, hygienic cuisine, we cook vegetables and rice in steam boilers. The freshness and hygiene of the meals supplied in the canteen are constantly checked. There are two sections of the canteen: one for students and one for staff. Both are large enough to hold 250 faculty members and students at once.

Entertainment and Sports facilities:


We think that students should improve their ability to coordinate their efforts and excitement for both academics and athletics. Our sporting facilities will help students enhance and develop their fitness and focus levels. It improves brain-body coordination, boosts concentration, and makes athletes feel more balanced. Indus University has been educating its students about the values of sportsmanship and spirit ever since it was founded.

Additionally, we put on events like the Inter College Sports Fest, Sports Meet, Indoor Games Competitions, and Sports Function. These activities keep the students interested and aid in their sports talent discovery.

Classroom and Lab facilities: By providing appropriate seating and discussion spaces, classrooms are transformed into learning environments. The classrooms have double boards, excellent projectors mounted on the ceiling, and are large and well-ventilated.

Hostel Facilities:

At Indus University, we recognise the value of living at home and offer all the conveniences you need to feel comfortable. The following are on the list of amenities that are provided:

  • Boys' and girls' hostels are separate.
  • Rooms that are large, stylish, and pleasant all the time.
  • Power supply, Wi-Fi access, a television, filtered water, a water cooler, and indoor and outdoor games amenities.
  • A built-in gym and fitness facility are offered to encourage leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • The vegetarian cuisine served in the canteen is well-balanced, tasty, and healthful.

On-campus first aid is available, and nearby hospitals are available in case of an emergency.


The comprehensive environment at Campus:

The campus is the most vital point to consider while choosing a college. The campus of Indus University was designed to foster students' overall growth. We focus on maintaining a warm environment at the campus, so no one feels left out just because of different demographics.

The 16-acre campus of Indus is constructed with students in mind. Away from the crowded city of Ahmedabad, Indus' tranquil environment enables the students to study in a sleek and knowledge-driven setting.

In our opinion, ragging should be punished at Indus University. Any actions associated with ragging that are later proven may lead to the cancellation of the accused raggers' admission and the retention of their scholarships.

Lectures and field visits are heavily emphasised in the university curriculum. However, it also encourages involvement in discussions, talent shows, brainteasers, debates, volunteer work, workshops for women's empowerment, athletics, and various other activities. Graduate and post-graduate students can develop lifelong memories on campus thanks to the combination of academic and extracurricular activities, which makes it vibrant and fascinating.