Computer Engineering Laboratory

Computer Engineering Course details

Computer Engineering Laboratory

  • Advanced Programming Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Data Processing Lab
  • Application Development Lab
  • System Programming Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Central Computing Facility
  • Basic Programming Lab

The Department has modern, advanced technology laboratories with 600+ computers provided with the latest software. We have several active M.O.U.s with various software/IT companies to meet the academic and research objectives of the department. The Computer Engineering Department aims to produce the best computer engineers who can make a difference in society with their skill and intelligence.

Advanced Programming Lab

This Lab is designed to encourage students to learn new technologies. Students are enriched with technologies like .NET, XML, J2EE, J2ME, PYTHON etc. Students can develop web and desktop applications with all programming ideas.

Software Engineering Lab

This Lab deals with practical aspect of Software Engineering and Software Project Management. It elucidates the importance of basic modeling in the software industry. It will help to learn additional Models in the software development life cycle, making the procedure of modeling easy to understand and execute. It gives the facility to design both front-end process and database structure.

Data Processing Lab

The Data Processing Lab provides guidance with all aspects of quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and interpretation. This laboratory deals with the practical aspect of various subjects namely, Data Science, Data Mining, Data Preparation and analysis, Database Management System and Distributed Database Management System. Students can do practicals in this laboratory using various software such as R Programming, SQL, ORACLE, Weka, MYSQL, etc.

Application Development Lab

This laboratory deals with experimental section of Wireless and Mobile communication that contain all android practicals and android application projects. It consists of low-level programming assignments on Android smartphones.

System Programming Lab

This laboratory deals with practical session of LAX, YACC tools, Operating System and Distributed Operating System subjects. It deals with symbol table (Tree Storage) construction, Implementation of single pass, two pass Assembler, Macro Preprocessor, module binder (with Limited instruction set). It will help students to implement software tools like Text editor, Interpreter, program generator etc.

Networking Lab

This laboratory deals with practical aspect of Computer networks, I.C.T., and D.C.N. Networking Lab is a dedicated facility used for the teaching/demonstration of Computer networking. This allows students to arrange routers, switches, LAN, etc. It is also equipped with its wireless networks and has network simulation software for student benefit.

Central Computing Facility

The Central Computing facility is maintained to cater to the general computing needs of both students and faculty members. The institution recognizes the key role that IT plays in teaching as well as in research. Therefore, it is committed to providing computing facilities of the highest standard.

Basic Programming Lab

The objective of the Basic Programming Laboratory is to provide an environment for learning and better understanding of the basic concepts and methods of computer programming. It encourages students to focus on developing programming skills rather than programming languages. The students explore the features of C/C++.

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