Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Electrical Engineering Course details

Electrical Engineering Laboratory

  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Power System Operation and Control Lab
  • Power Electronics
  • Electrical Drives and Control
  • Power System Lab
  • Switchgear & Protection
  • Control Theory Laboratory
  • Analog and Digtal Logic Laboratory
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Interfacing Laboratory

Electrical Machines Lab

The electrical machines laboratory is the one of the important laboratory of Electrical Engineering Department. the laboratory is equipped with various ac and dc electrical machines and transformers. this laboratory caters the need of UG and PG students to enable them to easily understand the basics and adapt to advanced experiments.

Important equipment:

  • SQ. cage induction motor coupled with alternator with panel 
  • DC shunt motor coupled with salient pole alternator capacity
  • DC shunt motor coupled with shunt generator capacity
  • DC shunt motor coupled with alternator-3 phase
  • DC motor with pony brake arrangement capacity 
  • Salient pole type alternator
  • Transformers

Power System Operation and Control Lab

Power system Operation and control is a very crucial part of a power system. The main objective of power system operation and control is to maintain continuous supply of power with an acceptable quality, to all the consumers in the system. To understand the day to day operation of the power system and the control actions to be implemented on the system to meet the minute-to-minute variation of system load demand various practicals are designed. Practicals covers all power system operation and control concepts with and without constraints like load flow analysis for IEEE bus system, Economic load dispatch with reserve capacity, Load frequency control with tie line control and flat frequency control, Contingency analysis with line outage and generator outage etc. to understand the variation of power system parameters under normal and abnormal conditions. Mi-Power and MATLAB software is used for simulation of these experiments.

Power Electronics

The lab aims at imparting practical knowledge of Power Electronics to the students at various levels i.e. B.Tech and M.Tech. It is accordingly well equipped with equipment and trainer kits to teach practical from fundamentals to high level concepts to the students, learn the characteristics of different types of power electronic devices, understand and analyze the operation of controlled rectifiers, choppers & inverters.

Important Equipment:

  • MOSFET/IGBT/SCR/DIAC/TRIAC Characteristic kit
  • SCR Triggering Trainer
  • Single Phase cycloconverter

Electrical Drives and Control

This lab helps students learn speed control of various ac/dc motors using power electronic drives. The students become proficient in the use of industry-standard tools such as MATLAB/SIMULINK for electric drives.The laboratory for Electrical Drives deals with fundamental and current questions concerning the design and operation of electrical machines and their control.

Important Equipment:

  • AC Drive
  • DC Drive
  • V/F control of Induction motor using IPM PEC16DSMO1 module

Power System Lab

The Power System Laboratory is part of the energy transmission in the field of Electrical Engineering. The scientific field of the Power Systems Laboratory comprises analysis and design of electric and integrated energy systems including their planning, design and operation. The Power System Laboratory is giving courses in power systems analysis, design and control in the undergraduate program of electrical engineering. A main goal of laboratory is to develop methods of design, control and analysis based on system theory tools like control theory, optimisation, operations research, that can be used by engineers in the industry to solve actual problems.

Important equipment:

  • Power System Transmission line Simulator
  • Function Generator
  • Digital Storage Oscillocope
  • LCR-Q meter 

The software like MATLAB and MiPower are available to perform power system studies, coordination analysis, design power system equipment and develop control algorithms.

Switchgear & Protection

Switchgear protection plays a vital role in modern power system network, right from generation through transmission to distribution end. Switchgear protection is very important in any modern power system network. Switchgear helps run the electrical appliances in a streamlined manner and protects the equipment from overload Short-Circuit damage. Switchgear and Protection lab is used to make students familiar with the working of various switchgear equipment used for power system protection and performance of these equipments.

Major equipment:

  • Microprocessor Based Combined Over Current & Earth Fault Relay
  • Microcontroller Reverse Power Relay
  • Differential Relay
  • Directional Relay
  • Distance Relay
  • Feeder Protection using Relay REM-615

Control Theory Laboratory

Control Theory Laboratory takes care of teaching at the graduate level in basics of control and instrumentation.

Following topics are covered in the Laboratory session using hardware and software tools:

Derived transfer function of any system, mathematical modeling, simulation, modern control system design by transforming transfer function to state space, Transient and steady state analysis, stability in time domain and frequency domain, etc.

Major equipment:

  • MATLAB2010 and MATLAB2016 Software
  • Open Loop Control System Adtron kit
  • Closed Loop Contol System Adtron kit
  • Standard Test Signal generator kit
  • TYPE-0,1,2 Steady State analysis Adtron kit

Analog and Digtal Logic Laboratory

The objective of the laboratory is learning. The experiments are designed to illustrate and develop analog and digital logic circuit. Conduct the experiments with interest and an attitude of learning.Experiment setups are link the theoretical concepts of different analog and digital electronics circuits with practical feasibility by giving to the students a scope to learn analog circuits and digital circuits in a better way. This laboratory is useful for beginners to understand the basic fundamentals of analog and digital circuits.

Major equipment:

  • Multisim NI Software for design and simulation of Analog and Digital Circuits
  • Function Generator
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • NE555, μa741 Analog and Digital Logic IC
  • Bread board

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Interfacing Laboratory

The Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory helps the students to understand the basic operation of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers along with fundamental programming skills in assembly language and Embedded C programming. This Laboratory creates the foundation for designing, analyzing and implementing engineering and programming applications.

Learn the microcontroller interfacing with peripheral devices like Switches, LEDs, 7-segment display, 4x4-Keyboard Matrix, 16x2 LCD display, serial programming, ADC/DAC, etc. Students will able to simulate, debug compile and load the hex file of the program using software and hardware setup.

Major equipment:

  • Keil μ-vision-5 Software as editor, debugger, assembler and Compiler
  • Pt-51 Evalution Board
  • Peripheral devices like-segment display, 4x4-Keyboard Matrix, 16x2 LCD display, Switches, LEDs, etc.
  • 8051 and 8085 Trainer Kit
  • ADC, DAC, UART board

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