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The Department has modern, advanced technology laboratories with 120 computers provided with the latest technologies. We have M.O.U.s with various companies, which can help to improve the academic and research objective. The Department aims to produce the best computer software engineers who can make a difference in society with their skill and intelligence.

Programming Lab

The lab is designed to encourage students toward the direction of learning of new and modernized technologies. Students are made to be enriched with technologies like .NET, XML, J2EE, Android etc. Students can develop web and desktop applications with all programming ideas.

Programming Lab

Subjects Handled




Able to draw flowcharts and write algorithms.

Able to design and develop C problem solving skills.

Able to trace and debug a program.

Dev-C++ Bloodshed Software 5.11

Turbo C++ 3.2 Turbo C++


Understand the basic concepts such as function Overloading, array and string manipulation in Java.

Use utility classes in the real time applications.

Understand the types of inheritance.

Implement packages, manipulate threads and exception handling techniques.

Develop Applet programs and manipulate the IO streams.

Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 112 (64-bit)

Oracle Corporation 8.0.1120.15


Students will be able to develop MVC based web applications.

Netbeans, Eclips

Web Technologies

Differentiate the features of different browsers.

Develop the colorful web pages using tags.

Use bullets and alignment on texts, the table handling tags, Frames and Frameset for designing web pages.

ActivePerl 5.24.1 Build 2402 (64-bit) ActiveState 5.24.2402


Handle the various controls for user interfacing.

Validate the field elements using validator control.

Make database connections using proper controls.

View the data in grid view control.

Develop the applications using DataGrid for displaying records.

.NET Core SDK 1.0.3 (x64) Microsoft Corporation 1.0.3

IIS 10.0 Express Microsoft Corporation 10.0.1737

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 SDK Microsoft Corporation 4.5.51641

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Microsoft Corporation 1.9.30413.1


Write programs for simple web based applications using JavaScript Code.

Add the products that are selected from a web page using a PHP program.

Develop programs for creating databases and perform various operations in a table using PHP programs.

Upload a file to the server and create a directory and read the contents using PHP programs.

Wampserver64 3.0.6 Dominique Ottello aka Otomatic 3.0.6


Understand the installation of Android Development Kit.

Design GUI for their simple applications.

Perform multi screen applications.

Working with images and text files.

Android Studio Google Inc. 1

Genymotion version 2.8.0 Genymobile 2.8.0

Data Structure

Manipulate various operations on arrays.

Perform various sorting and searching techniques on a set of given values.

Understand the operations of Stack and Queue.

Know about the basic concepts of Link-list, Tree and Graph.

Dev-C++ Bloodshed Software 5.11

Turbo C++ 3.2 Turbo C++

OOP with C++

Understand how to write and use simple programs using functions and inline functions.

Use classes and objects for implementing real-time applications.

Develop programs using the concept of overloading, friend functions, arrays of objects and constructors.

Apply the concept of unary and binary operator Overloading.

Familiar with the concept related pointers, inheritance and file.

Dev-C++ Bloodshed Software 5.11

Turbo C++ 3.2 Turbo C++

Data Processing Lab

The Data Processing Lab provides guidance with all aspects of quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and interpretation. This laboratory deals with Data Science, Data Mining, Data Preparation and analysis, Database Management System and Distributed Database Management System subjects with all the practicals. Students can do practicals in this laboratory using various software such as Python, R Programming, SQL, ORACLE, Weka, MYSQL, etc.

Data Processing Lab

Subjects Handled




Learn Python Basic syntax for variable types, operators and control flows.

Understand exception handling and operation on strings and data structures like list, tuple, set and dictionary.

Implement the concepts of inbuilt and user defined functions, File I/O.

Able to develop programs of object oriented concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance.

Python 3.7, Idle, JetBrains PyCharm, Anaconda Individual Edition for Python 3.7, Google Colab, Spyder IDE

Data Analytics

Learn numerical and statistical analysis of data using python libraries like numpy and scipy.

Implement the concepts of probability, linear algebra, MapReduce. Learn to fetch data sources from various sources like text, csv, xlsx, json files, web scraping or API.

Implement data analysis, data cleaning and manipulation.

Apply various visualization techniques.

Anaconda Individual Edition for Python 3.7, Google Colab, Spyder IDE


Apply knowledge of Big Data Tools using MapReduce and HDFS

MongoDB, Hadoop

R Programming

Students will gain knowledge of R Programming. R is a statistical analysis tool which gives knowledge regarding analytics implementing various data science algorithms.

RStudio and R


Students get practical knowledge on designing and creating relational database systems.

Understand various advanced queries execution such as relational constraints, joins, set operations, aggregate functions, trigger, views and embedded SQL.

Students will be able to design and implement database applications on their own.

Oracle Client 10g Express Edition Oracle Corporation 10.2.1013


Understand and apply PL/SQL commands on databases.

Perform practical demonstration of Cursor, Procedure, Function and Triggers.

Develop PL/SQL procedure for real-time application.

Oracle Client 10g Express Edition Oracle Corporation 10.2.1013

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