M.Tech in Engineering Colleges in Gujarat

Structural Engineering Course details

Structural engineering is a professional program in civil engineering that covers the framework of structures and designing them while evaluating the security and environmental factor. The specialists under this field provide the stability of structures like buildings, monuments and bridges. Indus University offers a two-year masters degree (M. Tech) program in structural engineering, teaching students the physical laws and practical information of the structural function of additional materials.

Students are given directly to a specific field by developing their prior knowledge through a particular set of advanced techniques along with a dissertation that will showcase their study potential and establish a platform for higher education.

Metallurgical Engineering Course details

Metallurgical Engineering(M. Tech) is a master’s degree which deals with various metals and their products. Students are trained in investigating the performances of metals and using them to produce valuable products. They have been equipped with the concepts of metallic elements, physical and chemical behaviour. Metallurgical engineering can be divided into extractive, physical, and mineral processing. Physical metallurgy needs issue solving analysis. A metallurgical engineer arranges the metallic mixtures required or needed for different manufacturing and building works. Another arm of metallurgy is extractive metallurgy, which includes extracting alloys from their gold.

Electric Power System Engineering

M.Tech. Power Systems Engineering course curriculum covers academic and functional elements of power techniques such as dynamics, power system analysis, operations, control, planning, reliability and protection, security, power quality, and power system transients. This course seeks at activity graduate engineers in the area of Power Systems. This course deals with the techniques in Power System analysis, stability evaluation planning, reliability.

M.Tech in Electrical Power System deals with the analysis of keeping items in balance, not only the balance between having and packing, or consumption and manufacturing of reactive power. It is actually termed Power Engineering. M.Tech in Electrical Power System also balances between the expense of energy and its environmental impact or between the sides of the equation and the trustworthiness of the supply and how to facilitate the credit through technological advancements and the execution of refined computing techniques.

Digital Communication Engineering Course details

M. Tech in Digital Communication is a two-year post-graduate programme containing the progressive study of modern electronics and communication methods. This technical programme concentrates on instilling skills linked to design, development, observation and application of Digital Communication circuits & systems.

The programme also enhances the students’ research and development skills and helps them include effective education through experimental sessions. Students looking for more orientation in this field can register for higher education.

The course is arranged in tune with world-class laboratories, which assist students in specific study and help them understand different concepts through practical experience. The curriculum also contains globally identified practical knowledge in hardware and software

Data science Course details

Data analytics is a method of analyzing and modelling data applying tools. This data is further used to obtain insights. The insights help in making business-related decisions.

As companies shift to be tech-driven and fast-paced, data analysts are essential for businesses. Data analysts are hired for recording, analyzing, and dissecting data to drive dynamic decision-making.

Data science has critical applications across most industries, and it is one of the most in-demand careers in computer science. So this M.Tech course aims at preparing students in the area of computational sciences, especially in data-driven modelling and scientific computation.

Construction Project Management Course details

The two-year master’s program in construction project management offered by Indus University delivers adept construction project managers who are trained in project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, risk management and safety management, amongst others. Prospective students get exposed to the diverse phases involved in construction, from planning to designing, budgeting to scheduling, and finally constructing and launching the project.

Computer-Aided Design & Manufacture Course details

Master of Technology in Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing is a two-year postgraduate Computer Engineering program. The Master of Technology course in Computer-Aided Design provides a convenient means to create designs for almost every engineering discipline.

The Master of Technology course in Computer-Aided Design can be used for architectural design, landscape design, interior design, civil and surveying, mechanical design, electrical engineering, plant design, industrial design, duct design, electronic circuit design, plumbing design, textile design, and product design.

MTech is a professional degree in the discipline of engineering.


Construction Project Management

Digital Communication

Electric Power Systems

Industrial Metallurgy

Structural Engineering

Admission Process
25% of the sanctioned strength of Management & NRI quota will be filled up on the basis of merit as per the eligibility criteria decided by AICTE & Gujarat State Government and procedure laid down by ACPC.

The eligibility criteria are a minimum of 50% marks in B.E./B.Tech with the qualifying GATE Score or State level entrance exam for M.E./M.Tech.

Course Duration
2 Years (4 Semesters)

About the Institute

Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering (IITE) was established in the year 2006 with a vision to train and upgrade the technical skills of engineers as per the requirement of the industry. It was a conscious effort to look beyond the theoretical framework, acquire an understanding of the real world and decipher its main concerns. The journey of IITE to transform raw talent into seasoned engineers has been the longest at Indus University, making it the eldest constituent institute till present-day at the university.

In the initial stage, IITE was affiliated with Gujarat University from the year 2006 to 2008 and subsequently with Gujarat Technological University from the year 2008 to 2012, until its expansion into a constituent institute in the year 2012.

All the programmes under this institute are framed to enhance and refine the technical perspective of students, ultimately transforming them into independent and innovative thinkers and highfliers. To achieve this goal, flexible yet effective curriculum has been designed wherein students are encouraged to learn through open interactions, fieldwork, and projects, which asks them to push themselves at the edge of their limits. Because we believe, applied knowledge is equally important as theoretical and it is a fine blend of both that helps individuals expand and progress.

Institute of Technology & Engineering provides work and play environment to boost students persona and intellect quotient all through the academic period. While they are exposed to fieldwork, much weight is given to research and development in the fields of engineering. Students are encouraged and supported in a variety of ways to plan and execute startups. High-class laboratories and modern tools are available to ease the journey of booming startups and innovation. Faculty members at ITE play a significant role in building entrepreneurs par excellence.

To sum up, ITE is an umbrella encompassing multiple disciplines, achieving excellence in leaps and bounds with the support of Indus family.

MBA Colleges in Gujarat

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate qualification that teaches you key business practices. Accredited MBA courses and business schools prepare you for senior management roles in business by exposing you to all areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing and human resources.


1) Marketing

2) Human resource

3) Finance

4) Information technology (Business Analytics)

5) Operations Management

6)Aviation Management

7) Healthcare and Hospital Management

8) Journalism & Mass Communication *

9) Design Management *

Sectorial Electives: Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Tourism, Family Business

Admission Process
A Graduate with Valid CAT/MAT/CMAT Score or Indus –MAT Score, can apply for the MBA Program, Admission will be done through a personal interview.

Graduation in any stream (With valid CAT/MAT/CMAT/Indus –MAT)

About the Institute

Institute of Management Studies (IMS) was established in the year 2015. With the institute’s expansion and steady growth, it aims to prepare students for corporate life through suitable courses, which builds their competence in management studies. Besides the MBA programme, which is a part of Indus since the year 2007, the institute offers doctoral research (PhD), entrepreneurship programmes,  five year dual degree programme (BBA+MBA), four years Integrated MBA and three year B.Com (Hons).

IMS has always looked forward to bridging the gap between the academic degree and the corporate requirement. To do so, apart from the routine lectures, it has several structured activities planned in the curriculum such as:

We believe that an institute can excel when the faculty members and the students share a healthy relationship. It not only helps make the class interactive but also enhances the level of receptivity of the students. To maintain it, experienced and expert faculty members are drawn from a variety of functional areas of management. The growth of faculty members is much required as students; thus, faculties are encouraged to engage in research, consulting, and sponsored research. Faculty development programmes are organized to keep them flexible in responding to educational queries of the students.

In a few words, IMS looks forward to seeing all of its alumni excelling in their chosen fields returning to Indus only with a badge of their brilliance.

Faculty of Management & Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Management & Faculty of Commerce under Institute of Management Studies are among the leading departments of the university. MBA Department established in the year 2007, caters to the industry requirements of enthusiastic professionals with an ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. University’s motto ‘Where Practice Meets Theory’ reflects in the teaching process which includes the use of multiple pedagogical and evaluation tools. Seminars, expert sessions, conclaves, and industrial visits are planned during the course work to enhance knowledge of subject/s.

Department Facilities
The department subscribes to various journals and magazines valuable in management education which enables students to keep themselves in touch with the latest happenings and trends. Industrial visits, expert sessions, conclaves, and seminars are arranged at regular intervals.

Academic Pedagogy/Andragogy
Mostly consists of case study, capstone projects, mini projects, role play, lectures & discussion, operation work outs and research assignments, by experienced and qualified faculties.

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