Naitik Rakesh Vakharia

Assistant Professor


Naitik Vakharia is Assistant Professor at the Architecture department at IDEA, Indus University. He has assisted studios for 2 years in architecture as Teaching Assistant. He has completed his

Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Institute of Design Environment and Architecture, Indus University. He holds a diploma degree in civil Engineering from Ganpat University.

During his Academic study, he did a visiting program at IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Fab Lab Barcelona, Spain on Generative Design & Fabrication Strategies.

With his inclination towards representation in architecture, his research thesis focuses on the Study of Architectural Sketches as a Tool of Observation & Expression.

He is a practicing Architect with experience of 3 years in the field of architecture. He worked with the Office of Design and Development as Content Developer of Architectural projects and also worked on Residential and Institutional projects. He designed the Professional Portfolio of Arya Architects as a consultant. He developed Architectural Illustrations for the Exhibition titled “The Perpetual Project: CEPT Campus” curated by The Designship.

His interest is in Visual Communication and Representation Methods in Architecture. He believes there is an integral relationship between architectural thinking and visual representation, an integrative design tool of the architect. He has been keen on exploring various forms of visual representation and methods to express architectural ideas.