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Historic Precincts And Their Identity In Urban

2. INDUS ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL (IAS - IIDEA) Historic Precincts And Their Identity In Urban Situations - Case Of Banganga, Mumbai: Though the RSP students engaged and studied in the historic precincts of Banganga and tried to decipher the present condition. They tried to document forces that shape such a situation and the attributes of a place that reflects on history in such an urban condition. Nasa - Meeting With Faculty Coordinator For Lik Trophy A meeting was convened by Asst. Prof. Aditya Jain on 20th January with three batches of architecture students from different years to plan for an upcoming competition which is part of the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), as this is the first time Indus Architecture School is participating in a competition of this scale.All the basic parameters and challenges were addressed by the Secretary and Unit designee, and a flame of interest and enthusiasm was ignited among the students.