M.Sc. in Cyber Security

Indus University offers a two-year postgraduate program of Master of Science in Cyber Security. As the cybercrimes are increasing day by day all over the world due to our dependency on online purchasing, payment and various types of other transaction. Cyber security consists of set of technologies and practices which are designed to secure networks, computing devices, softwares, and important data from unauthorized access. Information technology and regulation designed to secure data against theft and misuse are studies and implemented in this program. This program trains and enhances skills of students on cyber legislation and security. Students will study courses which deal with communication networks as well as ethical considerations in cyber security.

Aim of the M.Sc. Cyber Security program is to equip students with the ability to deal in security fields such as cybersecurity, emergency management, security system design, and corporate security management. This program also updates students with the topics like cyber security threats, ethical hacking, hacking prevention and malware detection, cryptography, Digital Forensics etc.

Key Features: 

Scope of M.Sc. in Cyber Security Program:

Students who have graduated will have a broad range of career prospects: