‘Research is a systematic approach to respond to the curiosity within.’

Research is the foundation of a country. It is said so because substantial research plays a pivotal role in pushing the nation forward. Having built Indus to contribute to a larger cause, which is to work towards the progress of the nation, it encourages students to come up with valuable outcomes through research and innovation.

Research departments at Indus accurately work towards finding answers to questions not yet solved or never asked. It promotes original ideas and thoughts, discouraging plagiarism at all levels. Indus has a mechanism that detects the extent of plagiarism and to pass only the thesis that truly aims to add value to the world of research.

Experienced and knowledgeable mentors are assigned to scholars, who guide PhD scholars through their research journey. Though challenging and extensive journey, scholars at Indus have successfully accomplished their research within a specific time and have been awarded doctoral degrees.

Research aspirants can click here to know more about PhD (Doctoral Programmes)  

Research Process

• Identify the gap/problem area
• Review the existing literature
• Frame a research question based on it
• Write a research proposal answering how, why and what
• Choose the methodology based on the type of research
• Sample collection and planning of tools to be used in research
• Gathering the data to be used in research thesis
• Evaluating and interpreting the facts and figures
• Final writing of research thesis