Communication Design

Communication Design is a component of design that uses visuals that strategically convey a message or express information. Communication Designers take an approach to engage their viewers and communicate the data and knowledge in the message clearly, majorly through print or electronic media. Those who complete a Communication Design course usually work in branding, advertising or web/app designing.

Sector Overview

Graphic designs and Animation designs are visual communication. There are a large number of career opportunities available to the bachelor of design degree programs in special effects, animation, video graphics. They may work in web design, publishing, advertising, or the movie industry. Many go on to become art directors, animators, and graphic designers.

Animators work in a broad range of industries to state marketing concepts or stories through animation, visual media, digital graphics, or special effects. Animators are normally supposed to have freehand art skills as well as the skill to use computers and other technology to create storyboards, 3D models, and computer simulations. Those who work outside the entertainment industry are typically employed by related businesses or advertising firms to communicate promotional messages.

Generally, graphic designers are given a brief, like the name of a particular state and the problem that needs to be solved, or a specific result that needs to be achieved. The challenge is to collect all the information and analyze it to make out the best possible solution which can be conveyed via animation or image. The success of a good design is selected not just by how attractive the design looks, but also if it could solve or convey the message to the public.

To communicate messages graphic designers, use an extended range of visual mediums via colors, fonts, and shapes on websites, print design, and social media. A good graphic designer has a strong marketing and interpersonal skills, in addition to an eye for details and strong knowledge of electronic media packages. Unlike western peoples where designers concentrate on either graphic content design or vector art for the web. Here in India corporations look for an all-rounder. Often an Indian designer is skilled in animations, photography, imagery, textures, colors, patterns, graphics, etc.

Why choose Communication Design Course

Graduates of communication design with bachelor of design degrees or related programs can find a job as creative directors, graphic designers, or web developers. Graphic designers generate original artwork using design software for websites, brochures, advertising campaigns, and more. Web developers may also create designs, though they focus more on developing the overall look and feel of a website through site programming, integrated images, and in-site applications. Art directors manage various design projects and supervise staff, which may include web developers and graphic designers.

Communication Design Eligibility

10+2 or equivalent.

Communication Design Course Programmes

A career in Communication Design

In this digital time, visual storytelling and communication are achieved through the use of computers to produce interesting graphics, realistic special effects, and animated characters. Today, graphics designing and animation have tremendous scope for those who love creating magic. Notwithstanding the current global economic crises, the graphic and animation industry across the world has continued to grow at an accelerated pace. In India despite its late entry, these two industries are on the route of development and ready to experience an extended period of boom.

Sometimes, the domain of animation is misinterpreted with cartooning. Cartooning is drawing caricatures of characters with some distinct delicacies to make the character evoke a sense of comedy. Moreover, the animation is the art of breathing life into these characters. Animation is the art with which dead objects are brought to life with the help of various advanced computer-based sequencing techniques.

A Graphic Designer is the one in charge of the visual communications of any service or product. Graphics designer works with images as well as text to design and create visually appealing elements including logos, brochures, advertisements, and websites. To generate these, a graphic designer will work with a variety of images including images, paintings, and digital media. A graphics designer’s work rotates around meeting with clients to understand the scope of the assigned project. They may also need to work on the brief of the art director, also work upon the various aspects of achieving the desired design.

Scope of Communication Design in India

Students who complete a bachelor of design degree in Communication Design are prepared for interesting careers in a mixture of sectors. They may work as strategic communication campaign managers, designers, creative and art directors, and many other specialties. Communication design students have the flexibility to work in many various industries, as nearly all professions need the technical and creative skills garnered in the program.

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