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B.Sc Clinical Research

B.Sc Clinical Research Course Details

One field of study that has grown in popularity recently is clinical research. B.Sc Clinical Research is a program that assembles a solid foundation for different essential and unified clinical and pre-Clinical Research viewpoints. This undergraduate course duration is of 3 years. The first year is spent learning the fundamentals of management sciences, while the second and third years are focused on specializing in topics related to healthcare and clinical research. The clinical research and human services programme oversees the study designs, great clinical practice rules, preliminary clinical guidelines, and research techniques involved in delivering a potential medicine from the lab to the marketplace. Students from this programme could perform a vital role in researching the pharmacology, biochemical causes of disease and evaluating new medications and treatment techniques.

You will acquire the skills to manage, analyze, and develop research and management strategies. As clinical research, you can study diseases by conducting clinical research on people and animals. You'll be able to conduct medication, device, and diagnostic research in the pharmaceutical sector. Clinical research students can get recruited in the healthcare industry by Doctors, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Study Coordinators, Clinical Data Managers, Biostatisticians, and Clinical Research Investigators.

Course Duration - 4  years (8 Semester)

Eligibility Criteria - 12th Science

FRC Approval : Fees Rs. 85,000/- Yearly  

Admission Process

Students can get online admission based on merit or they can simply walk in and after the interaction, they can get approval from Admission Committee.

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria that the students should follow are:-

The Objective of the Course

Course Outcomes at Indus University

Job Prospects in Future

After completing B.Sc Clinical Research from a top ranked University in India, a student can get the opportunities to work in various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry or biotech companies. These are some positions that you might get to work under different job roles.

For Doctors: Principal Investigators / Regulatory Affairs Manager/ Co-investigator / Medical Advisor / Drug Developers / Clinical Research Physician

For Pharmacists, Paramedics & Life Science Graduates: Medical Writers / Clinical Research Associates /Clinical Data Management/ Drug Reviewers / Clinical Research Managers / Drug Development Associates / Pharmacovigilance Executives / Clinical Trial analysts / Site coordinators/ Drug Safety Physicians & more.

For Management Professionals: with a background in Life Science/Health Science: -Business Development / Clinical Project Management / Clinical Research Management / Regulatory Affairs

Clinical Research Investigators: Conduct BA/BE studies, writing/revising SOP, review protocols, investigators brochures, ICF & CRFs Protocol, CRF & ICF preparations plans and conduct of BA/BEIEC/IRB affairs-GC.

Study Coordinators: Provides safety & protection while collecting & managing the study data.

Data Manager / Biostatistician: Design, study & predict the seriousness of the disease, evaluate new treatments and effectiveness of the medication, participate in research design, and data collection, choose & implement appropriate methodologies, and interpret the results.

Regulatory Affairs Managers: Review & registration of documents, evaluation of technical data, liaison with regulatory authorities.

Clinical Trials Auditors: Conducts audits for regulatory function within the trial department to assure compliance with GLP/GCP following established FDA regulations and company policies & standard operating procedures.

Clinical Data Manager: Ensures the accuracy & consistency of data prepared for regulatory bodies for reporting purposes.

Others: Auditors, Quality Assurance, Patents & IP Related position

Indus University is proud to offer a rigorous and comprehensive BSc in Clinical Research program tailored to meet the demands of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Throughout this program, students will delve deep into the intricacies of clinical research, gaining a thorough understanding of study design, data analysis, and ethical considerations. Our dedicated faculty members, with their wealth of experience in the field, will guide students through theoretical concepts and practical applications, ensuring they develop the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the clinical research industry. Whether students aspire to contribute to groundbreaking medical discoveries or improve patient care, our program provides the ideal foundation for a successful career in clinical research.

Placement Cell at Indus

Indus University has an autonomous vertical - Training & Placement Department (T & P Dept.) - that connects two vital ends: education and the industry. It exemplifies a link between schools and university constituent associations (entry-level input) and the sector (output-end at the finishing level).

The Training and Placement Department was established in 2006. It was previously affiliated with the Indus Institute of Technology & Engineering until becoming a part of the Indus University in 2012.

The Training and Placement Department is the hub for career assistance for students from all programmes and streams at the university. It provides students with overall career solutions by encouraging them to choose and pursue their ideal vocations.


Can I pursue B.Sc clinical research after 12th grade?

Yes, after completing the 12th from recognised higher secondary board in the science stream you can go for B.Sc clinical research.

What are the employment options after B.Sc clinical research?

They can work for pharmacists, clinical research investigators, clinical data managers, biostatisticians, and research on new medicates/treatments.

What is the salary after B.Sc clinical research?

The average salary range of clinical research professionals is between 3 LPA to 25 LPA.

What are the subjects in B.Sc clinical research?

The first year is devoted to prior learning of Management Sciences, while the second and third years are devoted to specialising in Health care and Clinical Research subjects.

B.Sc Clinical Research Course Details

Faculty Members

An imaginative educational plan of this program will empower understudies..

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Department Activities

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Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Studies organized Indus Science Fest-2024 on March 05-06, 2024. Indus Science Fest-2024, a vibrant two-day event, drew participation from over 250 students representing various universities. The inaugural session, marked by traditional ceremonies and esteemed speakers Dr. Arvind C. Ranade, set the tone for the festivities. He highlighted Sir C. V. Raman's contributions to science, discussed the National Science Day theme, and emphasized the role of Indus University in promoting it across Gujarat via the fest. On the first day, competitions like Scientific Rangoli, Poster Presentation, Sci-Innovators, and Scientific Models captivated participants and judges alike. Day Two, continued the momentum with engaging activities such as the Science Scavenger Game, Sci-Toons Competition, and a lively Debate on Science, where students showcased their intellect and creativity. The fest served as a platform for students to exhibit their scientific prowess, fostering collaboration and innovation within the academic community.

Industrial Visit

To enhance holistic education and to develop creative, cognitive and analytical skills among students, the Department of Life Science and Department of Languages (English), had organized a visit to Mundra for various projects of the Adani Group on February 11-12 ,2024. Project Udaan is one of the programmes of Adani Group, which included visits to Adani Solar Power, Adani Wilmar and Adani Port, Adani windmill, and Adani Thermal Plant. The visit to all different locations was guided by professionals and it was thoroughly learning and knowledge gaining experience. Students interacted with industry experts and learnt about the broader aspects of all industries and its contribution to the society and Nation.

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The Department of Chemistry, Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Studies (IISHLS) organized a three-day “Workshop on Soft Skills: Mastering the Art of a Successful Interview Powered by AI Tools” in collaboration with KnowHow Academy, Ahmedabad. The workshop took place from January 23 to 25, 2024. Experts Mr. Juned Coach and Mr. Bhagyesh Ranpara from KnowHow Academy, Ahmedabad, graced the event with their presence. The workshop garnered participation from over 76 undergraduate, postgraduate, and research scholars at the institute.