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B.Sc Physics Syllabus

B.Sc Physics

B.Sc Physics is a 3-year undergraduate course offered by Indus University that deals with the fundamentals of physics and its various properties like energy or force. This course strives to provide the prospects with the foundation knowledge possible for a Science-based career. The program is divided into six semesters. It deals with advanced scientific areas of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. B.Sc Physics can offer job opportunities in academic schools, colleges & Universities, government research agencies,  Electronics based companies and Industries, Material science based companies and Industries, content development companies etc.

B.Sc Physics Course Objective

To understand the primary laws and explore the fundamental concepts of physics. 

To comprehend the concepts and significance of the various physical phenomena. 

To carry out experiments to understand the rules and Physics concepts.

To apply the theories discovered and the skills gained to solve real-time problems. 

To develop a wide range of problem-solving skills, both analytical and technical, and to apply them.

Enhance the student's academic capabilities, personal qualities and transferable skills. This will let them grow as responsible citizens. 

To create graduates who excel in the competencies and values needed for leadership to accomplish a quickly evolving global community. 

This course trains students to the methods of experimental Physics. Emphasis will be given to laboratory techniques, especially the importance of the accuracy of measurements.

Providing a hands-on learning experience such as measuring the basic concepts in properties of matter, heat, optics, electricity and electronics.

The Admission Committee of Indus University will admit students based on merit. Students need to register themselves by online form. Apply Now

Students can walk in and get admission to the course after interaction and approval by the admission committee. 

For more information, call on 7874636405 / 9374979897 / 9712058344  or email (need to create email ID for admission purpose)

Course Duration
3 Years (6 Semesters)

Students who have passed Higher Secondary examination (10+2) in science, with/without Mathematics.

Fee Structure
Rs. 30,000 per annum

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After completing B.Sc in Physics, individuals can work in the public and private sectors. That depends on their preferences.

There are many fields where physics is involved. After B.Sc Physics jobs and salary can be valuable. The leading recruiters are:

  • Physics Teacher in School
  • Statistician/Analyst
  • Scientific assistant
  • Associate Auditor
  • Researcher
  • Radiologist
  • Proofreader
  • Content developer
  • Academic counsellor 
  • Higher studies

The Department has well-equipped and spacious laboratories to teach Physics and Basic Science. It has excellent infrastructural facilities and laboratories for the students to practice. In a nutshell, the academic ambience of the Department nurtures students to blossom into qualified professionals.

The significant facilities offered by the Department for research are:

  • High Computational facilities (which includes a workstation with Matlab software)
  • Spectrometer for Optics based experiments
  • Hall effect setup
  • Laser wavelength through the diffraction grating
  • Traveling microscope
  • Electromagnetic experimental setup
  • Semiconductor diode experimental set up
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • Moment of Inertia setup
  • CRO experimental setup
  • Fiber Optics kit
  • Analog and Digital electronics kits
  • G.M. counter experimental kit
  • vacuum photocell
  • Febryperot
  • Quinke’s method
  • Simple Harmonic Oscillator set up
  • Fly wheel
  • E/m apparatus by Thomson’s Method
B.Sc Physics Syllabus

Faculty Members

An imaginative educational plan of this program will empower understudies..

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B.Sc Physics admission and eligibility

Physics Laboratory

An imaginative educational plan of this program will empower understudies..

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Activities of the Department

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