MBA Programme

Dual Degree MBA

The dual degree MBA (BBA + MBA) course is a five-year, which integrates undergraduate as well as postgraduate education that a candidate can begin immediately after clearing the 10+2 examinations. It combines the undergraduate BBA and postgraduate MBA programmes into a single integrated course. Because the 2-year MBA programme must accommodate students from a variety of bachelor's degree programmes, some undergraduate courses are integrated into the MBA curriculum. In addition, students must commit at least five years after Class XII to earning the MBA degree.

The Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) programme was designed for management professionals who can positively contribute to the global market. It exposes them to a rigorous real worth teaching-learning process that strengthens their ability to adapt to worldwide business challenges. This is a fantastic chance for students who want to continue their education for five years after finishing the twelfth grade. Students receive an MBA after five years of study.

Admission Process

Any Student who fulfills the eligibility criteria should approach the Department of Management with supporting documents. His admission will be made through a Personal Interview. Preference will be given to students with valid UGAT Scores.


10+2 or equivalent

Course Duration

Five Years


60 seats

FRC Approval : Fees Rs. 55,000/- Yearly  

The Objective of the course:

The Indus University Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) curriculum is designed to provide students with more alternatives as they progress, and it offers a techno-business path from which students can select option courses to fulfill their particular needs and future aspirations. The Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) programme provides business education that is adapted to professional practice, self-employment, and the demands of emerging industries such as Analytics, Marketing Services, and Banking and Finance.

The curriculum also teaches and develops vital business skills like communication, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, analytical understanding and decision-making. Every Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) student in the best MBA college is mentored by a successful company executive. Students learn about the nuances of real-life corporate excellence as CEOs share their substantial expertise and ideas with students via technology-enhanced scheduled personalized interactions. It makes it easier for them to integrate into the sector. The Mentorship Program is only one of the many ways Indus Institute of Management Studies transforms academically rich management programmes into future-oriented management programmes.

Course Outcomes at Indus University

Workshops, Skill Development Programmes

When establishing the industry practice, the interests and abilities of each student are taken into account. Indus University actively assists students in discovering and exploring their areas of interest. Students are guided through the Industry Practice by a campus academic mentor and an Institute industry mentor. This semester focuses on developing strong professional skills such as planning, problem-solving, time management, written and verbal communication, cost management, teamwork, meeting deadlines, initiative, task confidence, integrity, and customer and professional communication, and furthermore.

The faculty at Indus University is a unique blend of famous academicians and seasoned, competent industry practitioners, ensuring that our students get the best of both worlds. For the Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) programme from the best MBA college in India, Indus Institute of Management's in-house faculty members are ably aided by top executives from the industry. In addition, industry professionals are frequently invited to deliver guest lectures and share real-world perspectives and experiences with our students.

Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) Scope in India:

The application of a dual degree MBA (BBA + MBA) programmes cover a far broader range of topics and provide better value for money. Employers would be highly interested in hiring students who have knowledge of numerous professions after completing their dual education. Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) graduates from top management institutes in India have a broader range of prospects in numerous sectors because studying more than one specialization qualifies them for a number of roles available in corporations. Students' perspectives would be broadened with a Dual degree MBA (BBA + MBA), which would allow them to work in multiple industries, perform a range of duties, and be more versatile. It boosts the benefits of earning a dual degree MBA (BBA + MBA) and gives graduates a competitive advantage over other MBAs.

Job Prospects in Future

Indus University's unique MBA dual degree program combining BBA and MBA studies presents an opportunity for students to embark on an educational journey. Covering fundamental business administration concepts, to support your personal and professional growth as a future business leader.

Under the guidance of faculty members who're industry experts you will receive individualized mentorship at every stage of your academic journey. With access to state of the art resources and facilities your learning experience will be enhanced to help you stay competitive in today's paced business world.

At Indus University the MBA program, with degrees, goes beyond focusing on academic success; it aims to empower individuals to create a significant influence in the business world and beyond.

Placement Cell at Indus

Indus University has an autonomous vertical - Training & Placement Department (T & P Dept.) - that connects two vital ends, namely, education and the industry. It exemplifies a link between schools and university constituent associations (entry-level input) and the sector (output-end at the finishing level).

The Training and Placement Department was established in 2006. It was previously affiliated with the Indus Institute of Technology & Engineering until becoming a part of the Indus University in 2012.

The Training and Placement Department is the hub for career assistance for students from all programmes and streams at the University. It provides students with overall career solutions by encouraging them to choose and pursue their ideal vocations.


What after Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) Course?

Candidates who complete the BBA MBA integrated degree are awarded lucrative managerial positions. MBA graduates can also get employment in a variety of government departments.

What Specializations are available in Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA)?

The significant specializations available through BBA MBA are given below:

Which Skills are required for Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) Course?

The following are the skills required for the Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) course:

Why choose Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA)?

The Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA) programme provides applicants with the skills and information needed to become skilled leaders. Candidates who complete this programme will be able to find attractive managerial positions in market-leading firms. Furthermore, this training will instil entrepreneurship abilities in candidates.

Department Activities

Expert Talk on Data Analytics & Decision Making

IIMS hosted an insightful expert talk on Data Analytics & Decision Making on April 05, 2024, featuring Mr. Dhaval Popat, Assistant Vice President at EXL Analytics, Ahmedabad. During the session, Mr. Dhaval Popat delved into the significance of data analytics in modern decision-making processes across industries. Students had the opportunity to learn about practical applications and emerging trends in data analytics, enriching their understanding of this critical field.

Certificate Program on Innovation Ecosystem

IIMS Department organized a 30-hour “Certificate Program on Innovation Ecosystem”. Inaugural session was delivered by Dr Kruti Patel, a renowned expert in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship & founder Director of She-WE organization. This lecture was held as a part of the 30-hour certificate program. Students of all the constitutent Institutes participated in this program. The lecture covered the Basics of Innovation Ecosystems, the Key Factors and Stakeholders Involved, and the various ways in which innovation can be fostered and supported.

Visit to Mahatma Gandhi Ashram

Indus Institute of Management Studies organized a field trip to Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Sabarmati, Ahmedabad for 2nd year BBA Semester 4 students on April 1,2024. The visit, inspired by the subject 'Foundation and Application of Leadership', highlighted Mahatma Gandhi's pivotal role in India's independence. Students learned about his life, the ashram's architecture, and key movements like the Dandi March. They explored galleries, including "My life is my message," and toured Hriday Kunj, Magan-Niwas, and Vinoba-Mira Kutir. They also tried their hand at spinning cotton on a charkha as well as visited the library. A total of 45 students participated, finding the experience enchanting and insightful.