B.Com Honours Course Details


B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce and is devoted to learning about commerce and business. In recent years, a new course called B.Com with ACCA UK Degree has emerged. It is a new course for the students, and only some people are familiar with it. ACCA is an abbreviation for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a global organization of successful finance and accounting professionals. B.Com (Hons.) is a course that teaches students about commerce and business, with a particular emphasis on accounting. It is an undergraduate course that teaches accounting in a business setting as well as other corporate expertise. Students learn about business mechanisms and other essential business procedures while studying for the course.

The ACCA Qualification is the world's foremost accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals, providing students with the skills, information, and values they need to succeed in their careers and lead the businesses with which they work in the future. ACCA's ideals fit with the needs of companies in all industries, ensuring that finance professionals are prepared to address the rising business needs of the corporate world through their qualifications.

Admission Process

Any Student who fulfils the eligibility criteria should approach the Department of Management with supporting documents. His admission will be made through a Personal Interview. Preference will be given to students with valid UGAT Scores.

Course Duration

3 Years


10+2 from a recognized board in the commerce stream or equivalent.


60 Seats

FRC Approval : Fees Rs. 50,000/- Yearly  

The objective of the course

B.Com with ACCA programme aims to give students an excellent understanding of the financial market in accordance with worldwide norms. It teaches students about international business norms and how they work. The current period corresponds to worldwide business norms for surviving the most challenging competition. The course objectives are summarized in the following points.

Course Outcomes at Indus University

B.Com with ACCA UK degree graduates have a wide range of job opportunities. Such graduates can find employment in a variety of financial areas in both the corporate and public sectors. Working with the accounting, audit, and legal departments is part of the job description. The scope of work is broad, and the prospects are promising. The Indian economy is now experiencing a period of expansion. The contemporary market requires more accounting professionals, and the course equips students to deal with the present circumstances and stay ahead of the competition. Graduates of this degree can work for a variety of MNCs and Indian firms. Aside from that, one can apply for government employment at various levels.

B.Com ACCA, UK Scope in India:

Graduates with a B.Com and ACCA UK degree have a wide range of employment options. Such graduates have several job opportunities in the finance sections of various private and public sector enterprises. Working with the account, audit, and legal departments is part of the job description. The work is extensive and has better future potential. The Indian economy is now experiencing a period of growth. More accounting professionals are needed in the present environment, and the course equips students with the skill-set they need to keep up with the competition. Graduates from this programme can find employment with several MNCs and Indian businesses. In the upcoming years, demand for B.Com degrees with ACCA UK degrees will continue to grow.

Job Prospects in Future

Financial Accountant: Financial accountants are in charge of the organization's financial and accounting operations. They examine the company's financial situation and assist the company in making financial and investment decisions.

Senior Auditor: A senior auditor's responsibility is to watch over the auditing process and guide it in the proper path. They are in charge of the team and supervise subordinate auditors.

Chartered Accountant: The primary role of a chartered accountant is to manage the accounts department of a company or customer. They do tasks such as drafting accounts, managing balance sheets, generating financial statements, and so on.

Account Executive: Account executive positions are typically found in Commerce field. The duty is to understand and serve the accounting needs of organizations and customers.

Data Analyst: A data analyst refers to a person who understands and simplifies data for an organization so that stakeholders may plan their next steps accordingly. This work requires a strong understanding of mathematics.

Operation Manager: This person is very significant in the organization. They ensure that brilliant individuals are hired and professionally trained. They also remove roadblocks in the hiring process.

Placement Cell at Indus

Indus University has an autonomous vertical - Training & Placement Department (T & P Dept.) - that connects two vital ends: education and the industry. It exemplifies a link between schools and university constituent associations (entry-level input) and the sector (output-end at the finishing level).

The Training and Placement Department was established in 2006. It was previously affiliated with the Indus Institute of Technology & Engineering until becoming a part of the Indus University in 2012.

The Training and Placement Department is the hub for career assistance for students from all programmes and streams at the University. It provides students with overall career solutions by encouraging them to choose and pursue their ideal vocations.


Is it feasible to continue your education in another country after completing this course?

After pursuing the course, you will be able to apply to overseas universities. In universities abroad, you can study courses such as MBA, M.Com, Financial Risk Management, and so on. To enrol at foreign universities, you must pass several exams.

Is it possible for me to take a government exam after graduating with a B.Com and an ACCA?

Yes, after completing this course, you are entitled to take government tests. Because the programme is recognized by UGC, graduates of B.Com with an ACCA degree are eligible to work in the public sector.

How challenging are the ACCA exams?

The level of difficulty of the ACCA exams is determined by the students' preparation. However, the exam level is higher than that of typical college exams.

Can I get a job in another country after graduating with an ACCA certificate?

There are equal opportunities for employment in India and overseas. Because ACCA is a global body that is recognized all around the world, there is a potential you will obtain your dream job in another country. ACCA partners with colleges and organizations in nearly every country on the planet.

Department Activities

Industrial Visit

Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) organized a two-day industrial visit to MUNDRA Port on October 31st and November 1st, 2023. A total of 94 management students and two faculty members participated. During the visit, students explored Adani's Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant, Wind Energy and Research and Development, Adani Thermal Power Plant, Mundra Port, the largest private port in India and Adani Willmar Fortune Oil Plant. They also witnessed the process of manufacturing oil bottles and pouches and toured a fully automated mustard oil unit with insights from company executives.

Stress Management with Bhagvad Gita

IIMS Department has organized Stress Management with Bhagvad Gita on October 27,2023.The main goal was to help attendees learn practical stress management techniques and understand how Bhagvad Gita's wisdom can be applied in their daily lives. Dheer Dhruv Das, an expert in this field, was the keynote speaker, offering valuable advice and guidance to those who participated.

Celebration of Dusshera at AVVAL Foundation

On October 24, 2023, a total of 25 Sem. 1(B) students of MBA, under the guidance of Ms. Drishta Barot, celebrated Dusshera at Avval Foundation in Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad. The aim was to bring hope, positivity, and happiness to the elderly residents, aged between 65 to 93. The students organized various activities such as passing the parcel, bowling, antakshari, and balloon-blowing, making it a delightful experience for the senior citizens. The event concluded with the distribution of gifts and a heartfelt Ambe Maa's Aarti.