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B.Tech in Automobile Engineering Syllabus

Automobile Engineering

B.Tech in Automobile Engineering Course Details

The Automobile Industry has garnered immense appreciation for the vehicle's capacity to ease routine migration and the rise of electric vehicle manufacturing. Excessive demand for reliable, stylish, yet high on amenity vehicles has made automobile engineering the most popular field in today's periods worldwide. 

Indus University is one of the best Automobile Engineering Colleges in Gujarat. Department of Automobile Engineering, which was started in the year 2006 offering a Bachelor's Degree in Automobile Engineering (B.Tech). As the top automobile engineering college in Ahmedabad Gujarat, the Department has highly skilled and experienced faculty members specializing in different advanced fields.

B.Tech in Automobile Engineering is a four-year programme designed to impart different skills sets to students. 

The skills are divided into three types.

  1. The first-year focus is to refine soft, cognitive and aptitude skills.
  2. Second-year fundamentals of engineering are touched upon.
  3. The third and fourth years contain technical skills. 

The entire curriculum groom’s students into accomplished engineers. 

As the best automobile engineering college in Gujarat, the Indus University offers courses that help you to be a part of the automobile industry and the research and development field. The program is further categorized into multiple segments, each including specific topic matters. 

At the Indus automobile engineering department, efforts are made to teach the design, development, fabrication, and testing of components of automobiles from their abstract to completion stage. The department also emphasizes electric and hybrid vehicles in the curriculum. During the four years of engineering, students know about the integration of essential and fundamental concepts of mechanical, electronics, electrical, computer and safety engineering elements.

The Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) will admit students on the basis of merit on 50% of the sanctioned strength for each course. The student needs to register himself with ACPC after the result.

50% seats of the sanctioned strength of each course are Management Quota, admission of which is handled by the institute as per guidelines of ACPC. 

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Minimum Aggregate 45% in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Theory exam in H.S.C. of any boards. 

Course Duration 
4 Years (8 Semesters) 

Tuition fees

Engineering proficiency: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to solve complex engineering issues.

Analysis: Formulate, Identity, review research writings, and analyse complex engineering issues reaching verified findings using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering.

Design & development solutions: Design solutions for complicated engineering problems and design system elements or methods that meet the identified needs, considering safety issues and cultural and environmental concerns properly.

Sustainability and Environment: Understand the effect of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and exemplify the understanding of and need for endurable development.

Individual and teamwork: Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and multidisciplinary settings.

Communication: Communicate on complicated engineering exercises with the engineering community and society at extensive, such as understanding and documenting effective reports and design documentation to make effective presentations and receive clear instructions.

Project management: Display details and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one's own assignment as a member and leader in a team to work on projects and in multidisciplinary backgrounds.

The Department of Automobile Engineering boasts of four state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate. The recent advancements in environmental conservation, alternative fuel research, hybrid technologies, as well as basic I.C. engine performance, repair and understanding modules are encompassed.

The Department of Automobile Engineering has well-maintained, high-quality laboratories like:

Automobile Engines Laboratory - The automobile engineering laboratory is equipped with various test rigs (diesel/petrol), exhaust gas analyzer, rope brake dynamo-meter, cut section of entire four-wheeler and various other modules to perform and study the core of automobile engineering.

Automobile Systems Laboratory - Automobile engineering systems is the key to establishing knowledge and developing the creativity and vision to analyse/design/optimize automobiles for the future. The automobile systems laboratory is well equipped with each and every mechanical component of the automobile. 

Vehicle Maintenance & Garage Practice Workshop - The laboratory consists of industry-oriented repairing/diagnosing arrangements such as injector cleaning machine, wheel balancing machine, wheel alignment assembly, required pit and tools for servicing a car and a car to perform various processes. 

Automobile Component Design Laboratory - The Automobile component structure laboratory showcases the different components of an automotive the complete transparency while designing the same part. The design process remains the centre subject of the automobile engineering offered. The visual experience enables students to gain transparency and ability.

Two-Wheeler & Three Wheeler's Laboratory - We educate semester students about current technological innovations at the automobile engineering. The laboratory comprises cut sections of various systems used in two and three Wheeler's, the electric version of two-wheeler.

Automobile Electrical & Electronics Laboratory - Automobile Electrical & Electronics is to understand the electronics associated and, more useful, the electrical designs contained in an automobile. The current version of an automobile encompasses the various sensors, electronic control units, motors, alternators and various electrical as well as electronic systems.

Automobile Air Conditioning & Refrigeration - The Department of Automobile Engineering offers the elective to sum up, the automobile engineering department endlessly functions towards remaking their promising students into professional engineers.

There are lots of Career opportunities for an automobile engineer in India, several fields like service stations of automobile companies and dealerships, production plants, automobile manufacturing industries, vehicle departments of control, insurance company experts, transport companies and state transport corporations, etc. The automobile engineer is trained to be an expert in CAD, C.A.M., ERP and therefore, one can easily enter designing companies as designers of the automobile.

The automobile industry transforms every day as the latest technology comes and therefore, one who studies automobile engineering has to keep themselves modernised with the current norms.

Indus University has a separate team for the Training & Placement Department (T & P Dept.) – that recreates the key role of connecting two important ends: school and Industry. It shows a bridge between schools and constituent institutions of the University and Industry. 

Training & Placement Department (T & P Dept.) is the epicentre for career guidance to students of all programmes and streams pursuing their studies at the University. It offers overall career solutions to the students by guiding them to decide and pursue their dream careers.

Top Companies Offering Career Opportunities to the Automotive engineers:

  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • TATA Motors
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Eicher Motors
  • Bajaj Auto Limited
  • Maruti Udyog Limited
  • Hero Motors
  • KIA
  • Honda Motorcycle
B.Tech in Automobile Engineering Course Details

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An imaginative educational plan of this program will empower understudies..

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An imaginative educational plan of this program will empower understudies..

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