What Is Better - MCA or M.Sc IT

The Importance of IT & Computer Sectors in Society

Science and Technological growth have gripped the globe. There are certain elements in our environment which use technology that an individual cannot function without anymore. These technology and sciences exist in Information Technology and Computer Sectors to innovate and develop further. Information technology and computer sectors involve studying and using computers and any type of telecommunications that store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data.

With the growth in the industries in these sectors grows the demand for talented, knowledgeable, professional individuals who technically understand the needs and gaps in the current technology and utilise and implement newer technologies to get their work done. These sectors are now very essential in the smooth functioning of a society and its occupants.

We live in a "world of information", so fresher people to utilise, manage, store, analyse and implement this information in apt areas will always be on the lookout by organisations.

What is MCA

Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a 2-year postgraduate course that teaches the students about the different languages of computer applications, web development, advanced networking, cloud computing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

The postgraduate program is developed to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in Computer Applications. The MCA program is inclined more toward Application Development and thus emphasises the latest programming languages and tools to make better and faster applications.

The IT industry is expected to increase by 3% by the end of 2022. Thus, getting into this industry at this time is never a bad idea. This course especially highlights planning, designing and building commercial application software and system software. The study also places equal importance on functional knowledge in various areas. A two-year full-time MCA course is not just a postgraduate course; it is also whole professional grooming for students for a successful profession in the IT Industry.

A few of the specialisations that an MCA postgraduate student can pursue include Application Software, Hardware Technology, Systems Management, Networking, Systems Engineer, Troubleshooting, Management Information Systems, Software Development and Systems Development.

What is M.Sc IT

Master of Science or M.Sc in Information Technology (IT) is a 2-year postgraduate level master's degree program. M.Sc IT aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on Software Development, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics etc.

The courses are designed to teach the students fundamental concepts about the existing methods in the industry. Hands-on laboratory knowledge is highlighted at every step of the programme. At the end of the programme, the students gain a sound academic foundation, analyse, conceptualise and design systems and are skilled in modern software design and development tools.

Master of Science in Information Technology course provides its graduates with enormous opportunities in the Information Technology Industry as the field has hit a growth spurt in both rural and urban areas at a rapid pace. Innovation and user-friendliness in technology are always at the front of tech requirements. A few specialisations an M.Sc IT graduate can pursue include application programmer, software developer, database administrator, maintenance engineer, database architect and many more.

Differences Between MCA & M.Sc IT

MCA course prepares a student to be heavily knowledgeable in the fields of computer software and the corporate IT sector. It focuses majorly on programming languages, IT skills and other related learnings.

A few of the career opportunities for an MCA graduate are Software Developer, Software Programmer, Software Engineer, Systems Developer, IT Desk Troubleshooting, IT system Analyst, Software Consultant, Web Designer, Web Developer, Technical Writer, Quality Assurance, Software Application Designer and Software Testing.

  • Syllabus for MCA Course

The syllabus taught by MCA colleges includes core subjects of Operating Systems, Introduction to Management Functions, Unix & Windows Lab, IT Lab, Business Programme Lab, Mathematical Foundations, Oral and Wireless Communications, Programming & Data Structure, Accounting and Management Control Probability & Combinations.

  • Eligibility Criteria for MCA Course

For MCA Course, a candidate shall have passed the qualifying examination in BCA/Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent degree or passed B.Sc/B.Com/B.A with Mathematics or Business Mathematics or Statistics (10+2) level or at Graduation, level) from recognised institutes/universities.

For Open Category Candidates: 50%

For Reserved Category Candidates: 45%

M.Sc IT course is usually done by an aspirant who wants to get into the Information Technology Industry. This course is considered a professional qualification in the Information Technology Industry, which essentially gives the IT professionals the general and in-depth knowledge of software development, testing, networking, and exposure to industry R&D labs, factories, etc.

A few of the career opportunities for an M.Sc IT graduate are Computer Programmer, Network Administrator, Security Expert, Systems Support Administrator, Software Engineer, IT Consultant and Web Developer.

  • Syllabus for M.Sc IT

The core subjects covered in an M.Sc IT Course are Fundamentals of Computers, Innovative Technology Management, Strategic Management, Database Management System, Structure and Algorithm, Computer Graphics & Multimedia, Digital Logic Application, Software Development, Software Engineering, Planning and Reengineering, Electronic Transformation in Business, Organizational Dynamics and Web Intelligence.

  • Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc IT

To be eligible for the M.Sc IT Course, students need to be from the discipline of B.C.A., B.Sc. (IT), B.Sc. (Computer Science/Applications), B.Sc. (Information Science/Systems) passed out with a minimum of 50% of marks from a recognised university.

For reserved category candidates: 45%

Which Has Better Career Opportunities MCA or M.Sc IT?

There are dedicated IT departments in many companies now which work in handling all the technical aspects related to the company. This creates plenty of job opportunities for IT positions such as computer programming, web development, network administration, technical support, computer engineering and many more.

As mentioned above, we live in the "world of information", and information technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. In the future, IT departments are only seeming to be expanding, and opportunities are growing with it. Thus, a career in any of the two fields will only lead the aspirant to be successful with flying colours. The only difference between the course is that MCA is very subject-specific to Computer applications, and M.Sc IT gives a vast knowledge of the Information Technology field.

Why Indus University for MCA & M.Sc IT Course?

Indus University is one of the best M.Sc IT and MCA colleges in Gujarat. Indus Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IIICT) offers courses in the domain of Computer Applications and Information Technology. These emphasise the widespread knowledge of IT, laying a comprehensive and concrete foundation for the basic understanding of each and every facet surrounding it. Its curriculum enforces managerial skill development along with innovative Information Technology, leading to technical entrepreneurship. The students of IIICT are skilled in showcasing their talents and contribute to building a technology savvy society. IIICT provides a healthy and intellectual learning climate to the students with a motive to serve society with all tactics of implementing IT in almost all the fields. The department contributes enormously to bringing the university to a technically rich platform by constructing and building software and shaping the future of pupils interested in ICT.

Training Facilities & Placements at Indus University

Our university proudly boasts an 88.2 percentage of total placements. The Computer Engineering and Computer Science Engineering batches of 2020-21 saw a 100 per cent placement record at IITE. Indus University shows excellent results in providing students with the apt avenues for them to achieve and chase after their dream jobs.

Indus does not limit students' growth to academics only. We equip students with the following projects & programs to develop corporate requirements:

  • Summer internship programme
  • Comprehensive capstone projects to provide hands-on experience
  • Industrial visits to eminent companies at regular intervals
  • Celebrated guest speakers are invited to deliver expert talks.

We also conduct faculty development programmes for the faculty's growth & engagement with the latest teaching techniques.

Find out more about the placements and top companies that visit Indus University to give students placement opportunities here.

Check out M.Sc IT and MCA to know more about these courses offered at Indus Institute of Information & Communication Technology.