Admission Open 2021-22

About the School

The inception of Indus Design School (IDS) came about to address the growing need for a well-structured and credible formal education in design. IDS is located in the Ahmedabad, one of the most culturally and historically vibrant cities of India. The city has been a gateway to grandeur, heritage & style for centuries. The fine interlacing of the city’s art legacy and contemporary lifestyle made it a perfect host for a revered design school- IDS.

The programmes are carefully designed to provide in-depth, progressive learning in design creation and business of design, aiming at a holistic knowledge development of the students. The robust curriculum is structured to effectively navigate learners through the core of the design process, which varies between design disciplines. In this process, concepts like design thinking and design exploration soon become second nature to the students. As design is a high skill driven stream, IDS implements the ‘learning-by-doing’ approach, starting from the very foundation years. To support this, the school houses best of equipment and technology of professional standards, made available to students and instructors.


The faculty at IDS are world-class academicians who share the same passion for their respective design field as the students. They come from across the country and all over the world, bringing with them diverse knowledge, methods, culture and outlook. The rich line-up of faculty also consists of members continuing their research programs while also teaching at IDS. The school maintains an apt faculty-student ratio, making the faculty more accessible and involved in the training process, who eventually become their mentors and advisors.