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About the School

The inception of Indus Design School (IDS) came about to address the growing need for a well-structured and credible formal education in design. IDS is located in the Ahmedabad, one of the most culturally and historically vibrant cities of India. The city has been a gateway to grandeur, heritage & style for centuries. The fine interlacing of the city’s art legacy and contemporary lifestyle made it a perfect host for a revered design school- IDS.

The programmes are carefully designed to provide in-depth, progressive learning in design creation and business of design, aiming at a holistic knowledge development of the students. The robust curriculum is structured to effectively navigate learners through the core of the design process, which varies between design disciplines. In this process, concepts like design thinking and design exploration soon become second nature to the students. As design is a high skill driven stream, IDS implements the ‘learning-by-doing’ approach, starting from the very foundation years. To support this, the school houses best of equipment and technology of professional standards, made available to students and instructors.


The faculty at IDS are world-class academicians who share the same passion for their respective design field as the students. They come from across the country and all over the world, bringing with them diverse knowledge, methods, culture and outlook. The rich line-up of faculty also consists of members continuing their research programs while also teaching at IDS. The school maintains an apt faculty-student ratio, making the faculty more accessible and involved in the training process, who eventually become their mentors and advisors.


Indus Design School currently offers a Bachelor of Design, attracting students all over the country with a passion to design and create for designing and creating. The program is based on a common foundation in the first year, diverging into various disciplines of design from Year 2 onwards. The foundation year, which is the First Year of the course, prepares students for a well-equipped progression into different pathways of design. The programme helps in developing design perception, understanding and acquainting them to different design environments. The idea of having a common Foundation is to make students aware of and learn about various facets of design and its applications. Foundation course will have modules related to design overview, design drawing, fundamentals of design in terms of color, geometry, material exploration, forms and various theories and methods of design.

Fashion Design

Industrial Design

Communication Design

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Robust Curriculum

Knowledge delivery framework combined with master classes, study tours, live projects and internships. Helps you recognized internationally for your merits but also enables you to work abroad.

Finest Faculty

IDS has world-class academicians who brings with them diverse knowledge, methods, culture and outlook. Our Faculty share the same passion for their respective design field as the students.

World-class Campus

IDS houses best of equipment and technology of professional standards, made available to students and instructors while our campus boasts of the best facilities one would have to make their stay comfortable.

Advisory Board

Mr. Srini Srinivasan

President of World Design Organization
Mr. Srini Srinivasan is a highly accomplished entrepreneur in creative design and technology development, with over 25 years of work experience in the Silicon Valley, United States and India. Presently, Mr. Srinivasan is the President of World Design Organization (formerly ICSID) and is also the Chairman & CEO of LUMIUM DESIGN, Inc., a Silicon Valley based, world class, award-winning product Design Company that has developed products in the Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Goods, Security and Surveillance domains. With specialisation in Design & Technology, Mr. Srinivasan helps and mentors technology start-ups and education institutes. He is a known public speaker around the globe and has engaged the audiences in Innovation & Design topics such as “Mobility in Mega Cities” “Impact of UX in day to day life”, “What can design do for business”; “Designing New Cities”; “Global Trends in Design” “innovation in Urban Design”. He is also an active member of IDSA, the professional body for Industrial Designers in the US. He is currently on the board of Wot Now and The TechSPA in the USA; and Wellingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai, India. As a hobby, Mr. Srinivasan is also an avid singer, golfer and an occasional pilot.

Mr. Pradyumna Vyas

Former Director, NID
Pradyumna Vyas acquired a Masters in Industrial Design from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. In June 2010, Vyas was conferred with an Honorary Master of Arts Degree from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, United Kingdom in recognition of his contributions to design education and design promotion. Vyas has more than 33 years of professional and teaching experience in different spheres of design. Since the last 27 years, he has been associated with the National Institute of Design (NID) as a faculty in the Industrial Design discipline. In April 2009, he was appointed as the Director of the National Institute of Design.

Prof. Leimei Julia Chiu

Professor- Musashino Art University, Tokyo
An alumnus of Ohio State University, Ms. Chiu is a qualified Industrial Designer with a firm believe that Creativity is a moral and political force and that creative people, companies and governmental bodies can work alongside the community to create products, services, spaces and experiences that not only satisfy a function or solve a problem, but that are also rooted in the human heart with grace, beauty, and compassion. She has the privilege to work with over 480 academic institutions and 160 cultural and creative organizations in 65 countries- including international competitions, exhibitions, world congresses, workshops and research projects- lectured at design conferences and academic institutions in over 31 countries; and served on numerous competition juries, including Red Dot Design Concept Award, Brno Biennial, Design for Asia Award, World Design Leadership Award, BIO/Bienniale of Industrial Design, The Good Design Award and Adobe Design Achievement Awards. As Executive Board Member for the Advisory Council of METI (the Japanese Ministry of Economics & Industry) and Executive Board Member of Icsid (International Council Societies of Industrial Design/, she plays a role in framing the visions for design policies globally.

Dr. Mugendi K. M’Rithaa

Board Member- Montebello Design Centre, Cape Town
Dr. Mugendi K. M’Rithaa has been Member of Global Advisory Board at Continuum LLC since February 16, 2017. Dr. M’Rithaa is Africa’s first President of the World Design Organization (WDO), (previously, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid)) and founder of the Design Research Activities Workgroup (DRAW). He is a founding member of the Network of Afrika Designers (NAD) and Design With Africa (DWA); a member of the Association of Designers of India (ADI); and founding member of the Africa-Brasil Dialogs initiative. He is the institutional research focus leader for Design for Sustainability and special advisor to The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town. Dr. M’Rithaa is an industrial designer, educator and researcher at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in design; a master’s degree in industrial design, a postgraduate diploma in higher education and training and a doctorate in universal design.

Mr. Abhinav Tiwari

Chief Design Officer-Lumium
A product thinker and hands on design leader with over 15 years of experience defining product vision and building design teams, Mr. Abhinav Tiwari has worked with F-500 companies across the globe, and across various domains including consumer electronics, mobile devices, medical devices and home appliances. Currently heading the design teams at Lumium, Mr. Tiwari provides design leadership and creative strategies to company’s highly talented and multi-disciplinary teams. He has executed several award-winning projects for customers delivering ‘Vertical Integration’, excellent experiences in Research, Strategy, Industrial Design, Engineering and User Experience Design. Abhinav oversees product life-cycles from concept to launch, while supervising a talented team of designers, developers, engineers and managers based in India, US and Japan. His design philosophy is: working in an intimate cross-functional team environment, where blue-sky thinking is embraced, leads to tangible, innovative business and user-friendly outcomes, AKA good design. He is a postgraduate from National Institute of Design, and associated with global design organizations such as IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) and WDO (World Design Organization).

Mr. Jasjit Singh

Industrial Designer and Design Professor
Mr. Jasjit Singh, Industrial Designer and Design Professor and Specialist in product form, has over 20 years of professional experience in different areas of design ranging from education in well renowned European Universities, design practice with some of the leading brands in automobiles, medical, digital, home and office appliances industry to designing color systems, brands and identities, to working with experiential spaces and narrative museums.

Dr Amaresh Chakrabarti

Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr Amaresh Chakrabarti is a Senior Professor and current Chairman for Centre for Product Design & Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He has BE (Mech Engg, IIEST Shibpur), ME (Mech Design, IISc) and PhD (Engg Design, Univ of Cambridge UK). He led for 10 years the Design Synthesis group at EPSRC CoE Engg Design Centre at Univ of Cambridge. His interests are in synthesis, creativity, sustainability, and informatics. He published 14 books, over 290 peer-reviewed articles, and has 10 patents granted/pending. He co-authored DRM, a methodology used widely as framework for design research.

Dr Nayna Bhandari

Nayna is a Doctor by profession - MBBS (Smt. NHL, Ahmedabad), MScCD (Clinical Dermatology, UK) with a keen interest in the field of Design. In her spare time she likes to learn about consciousness, Vedic philosophy and culture and vegetarian culinary delights.