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Electronics & Communication Engineering Department has been active since its inception in the year 2008.

This department plays a vital role in producing devices powerful enough to smooth common man’s life. From the arrival of basic versions of television and radio to ultra-advanced technology, reaching the rural ends of the world, these applications are developed by EC engineers.

The students enrolling in this programme shall learn how to conceptualize, design, create and test the electronic appliances used in electronic and communication systems. The course shall contain modern digital communication & signal processing, microelectronics, the study of distance communication through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves, engineering curves and transport phenomena in semiconductors, VLSI, power electronics, computer architecture, Internet of Things, advance processors, embedded systems and control systems to name a few areas students shall touch upon.

The entire programme is focused on empowering students to contribute to the society and Industry as per their necessities at the end of course work.

The Electronics and Communication stream represents the fastest growing and most rapidly changing area of technology in the present era. Electronics has become the ubiquitous technology, which finds application in all spheres of engineering including robotics, computers networks, communication, military, mechatronics, automation, artificial intelligence, medical, satellites etc.

The course is organized in tune with the state-of-the-art laboratories which assist students in exhaustive study and help them in learning various concepts through practical experience. The curriculum also includes extensive project based learning to bring practical knowledge in terms of hardware and software, at par with the global standard.

The duration of the course is four years and the intake in B.Tech (ECE) course is 60 students.

M.Tech (Digital Communication Engineering) is a two year (4 semesters) full-time postgraduate programme offered by the department of electronics and communication engineering from the year 2012 on wards. The course aims at providing in-depth knowledge about the design and analysis of Industry based on modern communication systems.

The course aims to provide students with a technical and logical outlook necessary for the manufacturing industries and also to carry out the research work.

The course is organized in tune with world class laboratories, which assist students in exhaustive study and help them in learning various concepts through practical experience. The curriculum also includes globally recognized practical learning in hardware and software.

The intake in M.Tech. (Digital Communication) course is 18 students.

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