Fees by Instalments



You can pay fees in instalments by clicking the below-mentioned link. You would be able to do so through debit card/credit card/net banking.

Your reference number is your enrolment number and suffixed by A for the first instalment, B for the second instalment and C for the third instalment.

e.g. your enrolment number is IUxxxxxx123 then,

The first instalment of your fees, your reference number will be IUxxxxxx123-A,

The second instalment will be IUxxxxxx123-B

The third instalment will be IUxxxxxx123-C.

The online payment receipt will be mailed to you by PayU money after successful transaction. The final receipt will be provided to you in your ERP account once all the three instalments are paid.

Session July-Dec 2021

(Semester 3/5/7/9)

Indus University