About the Logo

A logo is an extension of one’s identity. It can be said so because it reflects the thought process, objectives, and core values of its founders and the organization. In other words, a logo is a pictorial tale narrated in the form of a symbol or an image.

Looking at its influence and strength, the authors of Indus University have designed this logo with high precision. It speaks a thousand words about the world that exists within the campus of Indus and the society on a broader scale. Each basic shape combining with other figures has weaved a story unmatchable.

This simple-looking dual shade logo demonstrates two aspects:

  • Firstly, it echoes the psychological state of students who have recently passed 12th standard and are going through a significant transformation at a variety of levels as well as the students who are about to graduate.
  • Secondly, it communicates the purpose of establishing this university.

The circle and a square represent multiple prospects students have on entering the world of higher education. It is delightful to find a circle as well as a square to choose from, Isn’t it? However, at times the students who are uncertain about their goals or are trying to adapt to the sudden transformation are often found in a dilemma when encountered with something new. They are confused about whether to choose ‘a circle or a square.’ Will the circle fetch them a white-collar job and a secure future or a square? Not limiting this predicament to newly arrived students, it is found in senior students too, at different stages in their academic life.

This is where Indus University appears in the scene. The elongated-U symbolizes Indus University, which works steadily to upgrade the intellectual quotient of its students throughout their academic term. You may think how does this happen? The answer is through knowledge. Well, this may make you ponder, ‘what knowledge means?’ At Indus, we believe knowledge implies the absence of darkness or doubt within oneself. It is about establishing certainty with wisdom.

The white triangle within the elongated-U signifies the light of knowledge that empowers students to discriminate between what seems to be good & what is right for them. Gradually, the doubt disappears making way for students to bloom, unleash and unlimit. Ultimately, we can say that Indus provides students with wisdom to choose the best for themselves at Indus and beyond.

Lastly, the brown color stands for the stable structure the students are gifted with, which makes them capable of,

‘Asking for the best, receiving the best, and building the next.’

The foundation of a prosperous and gratified life is knowledge. Besides, the tagline of Indus “Gyanen Prakashate Jagat” exhibits the faith of the founders and Indus family in the power of knowledge to enlighten the world. With this ideology, Indus has progressed to this level and shall continue to evolve further in leaps and bounds.


Indus University

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