Student Corner

Indus University provides a very enriching and rewarding experience to all students. Routine of students includes an optimal mix of work, play and leisure. Curriculum and pedagogy have been designed in a way to make the teaching-learning process both interesting and challenging. Project based learning, problem based learning, choice of elective subjects of one’s interest, make the students really interested and involved. In addition, activities like Induction Programme, Mentor-Mentee system and strong bonding between the students and faculty make the students always eager and motivated to learn. Year-round organization of technical, sports and cultural activities at departmental level, intra-institutional and inter-institutional level, keep the students creatively engaged. Annual calendar of activities, planning and organizing the activities by the student bodies and the reward system through healthy competitions contribute to vibrant life on campus.

Student Discipline Rules and Regulations

Student Affairs Committee

Cultural Domain Clubs

Keeping in view the all-round development of students, various clubs have been formed. Students pursuing their programs in different disciplines of the Constituent Institutions, actively organize and participate in various activities of these clubs and societies.

The club’s objective is to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of collaborative approach in performing arts through leadership, participation and reflection. It empowers the participant to discover his/her dancing spirit and helps in enhancing extra-curricular activities. It also enables a candidate to enter into professional world of performing arts.




“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” Bill Cunningham.

It is quite evident that fashion has a commendable impact on the present culture as well as on day-to-day lives of individuals. The influence of Fashion in our lives gives us the privilege of venturing into new overtures. Fashion enables us to revisit the traditional boundaries of our culture and establish the new frontiers without losing the original essence. The club’s objective is to encourage students to express their creativity for designing cloths and to help them explore other areas of the fashion industry. The budding designers are equipped with challenging leadership opportunities. Fashion Club will be a place for improving one’s selves, networking with others and exchanging ideas with other students and faculty on campus.

The literary club was initiated with an objective of developing the literary skills of the students. The activities carried out by the club aims at grooming and shaping the young talent. The interpersonal activities, competitions and workshops are designed with an objective to boost the confidence and self-esteem of the students. It also aims in giving an extra edge to the soft-skills of the students.

Music club beholds the aim of bringing together the music enthusiasts on a common platform to enjoy and appreciate music rhythmically. It also helps students to cherish and enrich their undying love for music.

Photography club is devoted to promote the art of photography among students by bringing together those who are interested in helping each other to capture better pictures as well as to educate, encourage and enhance the photographic knowledge and skills.