Coding Club Event

Code Envision

29 December 2020

Code Envision was a successful event organized by Coding Club on 29th December 2020 at 1:00 pm by Coding Club, Student Affairs Committee and more than 160 students participated in the webinar. The event was all about guiding the new coder with the latest sites, courses and networking. The guest speakers for the event were Indus University alumni.  
The 1st speaker of the event was Mr. Aman Shah who, very practically described about coding and problems coders suffered because of the lack of awareness and guided the participants on how not to repeat the same mistake. He very efficiently replied to all the queries of the participants on the spot.
The 2nd speaker was Miss. Juhi Kamdar, she guided the participants about “How to build the profile”, about competitive coding and different platforms used for it, the personal projects and how important they are in the eye of the recruiter. She talked about many Moocs, she also told the importance of Hackathon, also about the importance of participating in different coding competitions and Techfest’s. Miss. Juhi told the participant best ways to bag great internships to build their profile.
The 3rd speaker was Mr. Kaushil Kundalia and he described a very complex and important part of coding: Networking. He described various platforms for building networks, had a talk on different events coders can participate to enhance their skills, problems coders face while applying for internships, about DSC and inter-college competitions, also about how to make connections with the real coding world and guided about attending different industrial conferences.
At the end they cleared all the doubts of the participants and the webinar ended with a lot of knowledge gained by the participants.
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