Laboratories - Computer Engineering

The department has modern laboratories with 600+ computers equipped with the latest tools and technologies. Further, it has MOUs with various companies, which can help to enhance the academic and research purpose. This department strives to produce the best computer engineers who can make a difference to the society with their aptitude and intellect.

Android Lab

This laboratory deals with Wireless and Mobile communication subject which includes all android practical along with android application projects.  It consists of low-level programming assignments on Android smart phones.

Programming Lab

This laboratory deals with C, C++, JAVA,OPP subjects which includes all practicals along with related projects.  It consists of different level assignments on C, C++, JAVA with its concepts. Students can develop web and desktop application with all programming concepts.

Networking Lab

This laboratory deals with Computer network, ICT, DCN subjects with all practicals. Networking Lab is a dedicated facility for the teaching of Computer networking. This allows students to have configuration of routers, switch, LAN etc. It is also equipped with its own wireless networks and has network simulation software for student use.

Software Engineering Lab

This laboratory deals with Software Engineering and Software Project Management subjects with all practicals. The Software Engineering Lab provides a importance of requirement modeling in the software industry. It will help us to learn different Models in the software development life cycle, which makes the process of requirement modeling easy to understand and implement. It will extensively reduce the cost of systems development. It gives us the facility to design our front-end process as well as our database structure.


This laboratory deals with Operating System and Distribute Operating System subjects with all practicals. In this Lab Students should be able to use the command line interface on either a local or remote Unix system. They should be able to steer around the Unix file system from the command line and use a number of basic, common Unix commands.

DBMS & Data science Lab

This laboratory deals with Database Management System and Distribute Database Management System subjects with all practicals. In this laboratory, Students can do practicals using various software’s such as SQL, ORACLE and MYSQL etc.  

This laboratory deals with Data science, python programming and Machine Learning subjects with all practicals.