WDC - March 05, 2016

Indus University’s Women Development Cell organized myriad activities on the occasion of International Women’s Day. On 5th March, 2016 Indus University hosted sessions on yoga, cookery and diet along with cultural and sports activities.

Ms. Bhakti Shah, a city based Yoga expert gave an exhilarating start to the morning with fitness tips demonstrating pertinent yoga postures. Her interaction with fellow participants was very relevant as students and faculty members sought interesting suggestions to cope with hectic lifestyle alongside regular exercise regime.

Ms. Jenish Parmar, a celebrity chef and a city based food consultant carried out a workshop titled ‘Inculcating Healthy Culinary Skills’ followed by an interaction which was beneficial. The way Ms. Parmar demonstrated each preparation of healthy food item for breakfast and interacted with the students & faculty members was highly appreciated. Her reflective suggestions to increase stamina and mental health capacity through inclusion of healthy food habits were well received.

Ms. Liza Shah’s expert talk titled ‘Diet Management’ followed by an interaction was significant. Her expertise on ways to maintain a healthy diet for working professionals and students was highly appreciated. Interesting substitutes to everyday ingredients were discussed and were shared with the participants.

Women, being the backbone of any family, it is imperative that their health and strength are catered to. The three sessions organized was an attempt to address this idea.

The day also saw a CSR Initiative, a cultural event and few sports to add fervour to Women’s Day Celebration.