Partakers in Pride: Indus University & the Third Pole E-Base Team on the Historic win of The DFC School Challenge’15

History is an outcome of spirited souls stepping out of their comfort zones and seeking something new. Adventure is at the heart of all historically significant events. If Columbus had sat basking in his routine life we may not have known that the earth is round, Space exploration does not happen when people comfortably accept their routine work. It happens when people push boundaries and veer into the unknown. One such spirited soul is Paras Loomba & his team who have set out on a journey to pursue the dream of doing something different and have been buoyed by the success of the Third Pole Education Base also called e-Base. They have recently won The DFC School Challenge 2015.

The e-Base serves as a digital library that is equipped with computers and tablet devices where local readers can visit to surf the net, watch videos, or read books. Schools can also organize trips to the ebase where the students can make the most of the facilities available. One of the biggest positive aspects of the ebase is that it is open to everyone and is open all round the year. The first two such ebase has been set up in the South Pole and Pench tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

Equally laudable is the large hearted gesture of Indus University for part funding of the Third Pole Education Base and its various projects. Indus University has always believed in private action for the public good and lent itself as a social instrument of positive change.