Indus MBA Students arranged a training programme for the housekeeping staff, gardeners and the support staff of the university. The objective was to motivate this section of employees who normally do not get due recognition for the services they render.

Through this earnest effort of the students, this section of employees was shown that INDUS care for them. The program started with the screening of a film on Utkarsh – 2010 which was a maiden effort by students.

A group of students pursuing MBA imparted the program through a power point presentation showing the participants how different tasks assigned to them should be performed. They also made them aware about the manners and etiquettes expected at their level.

The programme included narration of motivational stories and several skits with the themes: Save the Girl ChildHow to avoid bad habits (like tobacco / smoking etc) and How to maintain honesty. All the three skits drew immense response from the trainees. They were also shown motivational documentary films.

As a part of this programme all the participants were invited to perform various creative activities. Winners of games were given prizes. Instant prizes were also given to the participants who answered various questions that were posed to them during the training program.

In the end, refreshment was served to all those who were present. Students engaged themselves in making arrangement, serving refreshment and picking-up empty plates, glasses and cups.

The program was permitted with a firm view that the students must develop a philanthropic attitude that will help transform them as good human beings and responsible citizens. Of late, business establishments in their endeavor to create a socially responsible image attach great importance to such attitude and thus give weightage at the time of recruitment.

While the participants received great motivation, the students learnt the dignity of labour and showed due respect even to the lowest ranked employees which is extremely important to create feeling of cohesiveness in the organization.