Head of the Department


Bhanu Pratap Sharma, heads Indus Architecture School at the Institute of Design, Environment and Architecture at Indus University Ahmedabad and is the principal architect at Office of Design & Development. After completing his graduation in Architecture from School of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, Bhanu moved to Canada to pursue his post-graduation Urban Design from the University of Toronto. Since then, Bhanu has worked and gained experience in the fields of architecture, conservation, urban design, industrial design, and scenography. As an academician, he encourages students to adapt a lateral approach to design strategies and process and inquire into the symbiotic relationships that materials, space and details share. He also spearheaded that revamping of the curriculum for architectural design at the department, infusing it with a multi-disciplinary spirit by collaborating with architectural firms and design institutes across the globe.
In his free time, Bhanu can be found tinkering with automobiles, understanding computer softwares, and upgrading himself to understanding the various design pedagogies.