Certificate Course on Internet of Things

15 June 2021

Department of Electronics and Communication, Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering , Indus University is offering a Certification Program on Internet of Things which has been launched from 7th June 2021 by Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. V. K. Srivastava sir, Director-IITE Dr-Ing Anupam Kumar Singh sir, Registrar Dr. R. K. Singh sir, Dean Academics Dr. Sandeep Chakroborty sir . The objective of the certification course is to provide hands-on skill development to students in the field of Internet of Things so as to teach them how to design and operate smart devices.
The course is being offered at two levels viz.: 1) Basic Level (30 hours) which includes Arduino and sensor interfacing and 2) Advanced Level (30 Hours) which includes Raspberry-pi and its interfacing with peripherals. The first batch of basic level certificate course has  started from today i.e. 15th June 2021 with 31 paid registrations. Attached are the glimpses of the first day of the certification course. The course is being coordinated and facilitated by Asst. Prof. Abhishek Vaghela and Asst. Prof. Miloni Ganatra.
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