ANTI-RAGGING COMMITTEERagging is punishable activity and any one indulging in such activities shall be punished appropriately. Punishment may include cancellation of admission, withholding of scholarships, debarring students from admission to any other institution for specified period or debarring from representation in institution’s events, withholding results, suspension or expulsion from hostels, suspension from attending classes and academic privileges, debarring from appearing in any test / examination process, rustication from institution for a period ranging from one to four semesters.As per the directives of Supreme Court of India / UGC, Anti-Ragging Committee has been constituted comprising of the following members for the Academic Year 2020-21:

The Committee may co-opt any other member / experts as the need arises.

Sr. No.Name of the MemberProfession
1.Dr. Anupam SinghChairman
2Mr. Amol BagesarMember (Teaching)
3Ms. Vineeta ChauhanMember (Teaching)
4Mr. Gajjar Nirav Sanjaykumar Mech, IU1941110019Student Representative
5Mr. Shrey Soni CS, IU1941230161Student Representative
6Ms. Jagani Sakshi, Prafulbhai IU1841050016Student Representative
7Patel Riya Rakeshbhai IU1841220036Student Representative
8PI of Santej Police StationMember
9Mr. Hari NairNGO Representative
8Dr. Malav ShahParent Representative
9Mrs. Meeta AgarwalMember (Non-Teaching)


In an effort to promote well-being of the female students, Teaching and Non – teaching women staff of Indus University to deal with cases / complaints of sexual harassment and to implement the women’s policies in general a Women Development Cell has been constituted in Indus University. This is in compliance with the directions issued by the UGC and MHRD,


WDC focuses on gender –sensitization in the organization which aims at creating at creating a harmonious environment for women on campus.

Role & Functions

1.    To provide forums for discourse and dispute regarding any kind of harassment which includes sexual harassment instances at the institute.

2.    To encourage discussion on women’s rights and gender – related issues.

3.    To organize symposiums, workshops, expert talks and other related activities on awareness about women’s safety.

4.    To invite varied NGOs and Government organizations for participation in different activities organized by the institution.

5.    To become a resource centre for women and provide a forum for exchange of ideas.

6.    To review safety and security measures for female employees and girl students at Indus University Campus.

Indus University WDC consists of following members:

Sr No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sweta Shah Chairman
2 Dr. Mamta Amin Vice Chairman
3 Mrs. Meeta Agarwal Member
4 Ms. Madhavi Dave Member
5 Dr. Daisy Kurian Member Secretary

Establishment of SC/ST Committee

As per the directives of the AICTE, Indus University has established the SC/ST Cell for effective implementation of reservation policy and programmes for the SC / ST students and staff members in the University.

The basic mandate of the Cell is to implement the reservation policy for SC / ST in the University as per the policy and programmes of the Government of India; collect data regarding the implementation of the policies in respect of admissions, appointments to teaching the non-teaching positions in the University, and analysis of the data showing the trends and changes towards fulfilling the required quota, etc.

The SC / ST Cell with the following composition has been constituted for a period of two years  i.e 2019-20 & 2020-2021:

Sr. No.

Name of the Member



Dr. Sandeep Chakravorty



Mr. Amol Bagesar      

Member (ST/ST Representative)


Ms. Hansa Singhrakhia

Member (ST/ST Representative)


Dr. Ashwin Patni



Dr. Manisha Ubale

Member (Female)

SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMMITTEE Sexual Harassment is a punishable activity and any one indulging in such activities shall be liable for punishment appropriately. Punishment may include cancellation, withholding of scholarships, debarring from admission to any institution for a specified period or debarring from representation in Institution’s events, withholding results and suspension or expulsion from the hostel. It is applicable to employees as well with the punishment of legal action and termination of employment. As per directives of Ministry of Law and Justice, Govt. of India, a Sexual Harassment Committee has been constituted comprising of the following members for the Academic Year 2020-21:
Sr Name Designation
1 Dr. Vishal Dahiya  Chair Person
2 Mrs. Meeta Agarwal  Member
3 Ms. Hansa Singrakhia  Member
4 Mr. Jaypal Rana  Member
5 Dr. Manisha Ubale  Member
6 Dr. Dipti Sethi  Member
7 Dr. Shweta Shah  Member Secretary
The committee may co-opt any other member / expert as the need arises. The complaints regarding sexual harassment may be lodged in the register kept in the Office of the Registrar as on the specific webpage available on
In tune with the Approval Process Hand Book 2020-21, Indus university in compliance with the letter from UGC & AICTE time to time, Counselors Committee has been constituted for the academic year 2020-21 with the following members:
Sr.No. Name of the Members
1 Dr. Depti Sethi
2 Dr. Daisy Kurian
3 Mr. Jaypal Rana

The Students Affairs Committee is established comprising of the following members:

SrName Designation
1Mr. Jaypalsinh RanaChairman
2Ms. Hansa SinghrakhiaMember
3Mr. Ruchit SoniMember
4Mr Swapnil SolankiMember
5Ms Hinal ShahMember
6Mr Tejas RathiMember
7Dr Mamta PillaiMember
8Ms Bhargavi ModiMember
9Ms Naishwita ParmarMember
10Ms Bhavna HotchandaniMember
11Dr Hardik BavishiMember
12Mr Naitik VakhariaMember
13Mr Anang MistryMember
14Mrs. Meeta AgarwalMember Secretary

As per the directives of UGC vide their D.O. letter No. F-1-11/2014 dated 27 January 2016, a Student Counselling Cell is established under the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) for the year 2018-19 with a view to address the common concerns of students ranging from anxiety, stress, fear of change and failure to homesickness as well as for the on-campus and off-campus safety of students.

The Students Counselling Cell is established comprising of the following members:

SrName Designation
1Prof. Jaypalsinh RanaChairman
2Prof. Hinal Shah Member
3Dr. Deepti Sethi Member
4Mr. P.J. Maniar Member
5Mrs. Meeta Agarwal Coordinator

The Cell will function as per the ‘I UGC Guidelines on Safety of Students On and Off Campus’ given on the UGC website:
This is issued with the approval of competent authority and comes into force with

The Indus University has constituted the Students’ Welfare and Grievance Redressal Committee as per the directives of the AICTE vide their circular dated 21.07.2016, with a view to ensure sound students’ governance, maintain discipline and representation by students. The Indus University provides a suitable forum for students’ representation through the constitution of this committee. While the basic mandate of the committee is to liaise among the student community, the faculty, administration and alumni, it will also allow proper representation of their grievance and redressal. In addition, the committee aims to develop community life in the college to ensure holistic growth, an inclusive atmosphere and general welfare of the students. Among its various roles, it envisages to ensure mediation of any conflicts and remove duplication of activities. The students’ welfare and Grievance Redressal Committee comprising of the following members is constituted for a period of one Academic Year 2020-21:

Sr. No.

Name of the Member



Dr. Jaydeep Chakraborty



Ms. Garima Mishra



Mrs. Meeta Agarwal



Ms. Bhavna Hotchandani



Mr. Jaypal Rana



Dr. Suketu Jani



Mr. Patil Bhavesh Arunkumar

Student Representative


Ms. Jagani Sakshi Prafulbhai

Student Representative


Ms. Vineeta Chauhan

Member Secretary

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The Growth and progress of any institute largely depends upon the efficient and highly motivated staff members. It is rightly said that a great institution can be built with the kind of people working in the institute rather than the building of the institute.
To maintain the high level of motivation and performance among the staff members of the institute, it is essential to focus on creating suitable environment at all levels. For the purpose, a committee comprising of following members is constituted to provide a common platform to address the grievances and welfare of the staff members:
With immediate effect the revised composition of the Staff Welfare and Grievance Committee will be as under for Academic Year 2020-21.

Sr. No.Name of the MemberDesignation
1Dr. R K BalyanChairman
2Dr. Jaydeep ChakrabortyMember
3Dr. Sujoy ChaudharyMember
4Dr. Beena VaidyaMember
5Dr. Reena ShahMember
6Dr. Vishal DahiyaMember
8Dr. Mamta PillaiMember Secretary
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