Expert Talk on "Computer Vision"

27 March 2021

Department of Computer Science, IIICT has organized an  Expert Talk on “Computer Vision” on 27th March, 2021 during 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM under the Association of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Expert talk was started with opening remarks given by Prof. Bhavana Hotchandani, faculty coordinator, ACSIT. Expert for the session was Mr. Sameer Nigam, Sameer Nigam, Machine Learning Trainer & Educator, Chief Machine Learning Trainer at AI SOCIETY, Lucknow. Mr. Sameer Nigam has 2+ years of experience in the IT industry mainly in Python Programming, Django, Computer Vision & Machine Learning domain. He has more than 3+ years of experience in teaching & mentoring. His blogs have been praised by course director AI, Oxford University.

Mr. Sameer Nigam started with the importance of Computer Vision. He also discussed challenges and issues in the field like issues of scale, non-rigid deformation, camera sensors and lens limitations, viewpoint variations, object class variations, changing light conditions etc.. He discussed ethical responsibilities in the field. He also covered hands-on session on image identification using OpenCV. He also discussed success stories of the Computer Vision field. Students learnt uses and future scope of the Computer Vision field. It was an interactive session for students who showed a high enthusiasm with great learning skills.

At the end of the session students have asked questions related to computer vision and career in ML and Computer Vision, and the proper guidance was given by the expert. It was a very helpful and interactive session. Dr.Akshara Dave, faculty coordinator, has expressed thank you note for the session.

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