Expert Talk on

DevOps in the IT Industry & Telecom Domain

27 February 2021

Department of Computer Science, IIICT has organized an  Expert Talk on “DevOps in the IT Industry & Telecom Domain” on 27th February, 2021 during 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM under the Association of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Expert talk was started with opening remarks given by Dr. Akshara Dave, faculty coordinator, ACSIT. Expert for the session was Mr. Anupam Sharma, consultant (DevOps) at Atos syntel. Mr. Anupam Sharma has 11+ years of experience in IT industry mainly in telecom domain. He has more than 6+ years of experience in automation and DevOps. Previously he was working with Accenture(Banglore & UK) as Team Lead(Technical Architecture & DevOps). 

Mr. Anupam Sharma has started with the problem statement, the problem faced in absence of DevOps. He explained concepts like, Agility & Stability. He also explained about communication gaps or problem symptoms between developers and the Operational team. He also explained about We Are Going More Towards  Customer Driven Society, as customers have wide options right now. He also explained that DevOps will provide solutions for the concepts like Time to Market or the concept of cash. The examples given by expert were related to Telecom domain softwares that were quite interesting and relevant. He also explained about cultural change in the IT industry. He also explained the importance of Automation, metrics, collaborative feedback & core concepts behind DevOps. Measures & logs, how sharing feedback can help. He also explained tools to be used for DevOps.

At the end of the session students have asked questions related to DevOps and the proper guidance was given by the expert. It was a very helpful and interactive session. Ms. Bhavana Hotchandani, faculty coordinator, has expressed thank you note for the session. 

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