FDP on Effective Teaching, Strategies and Ethics

for Professional Courses

22-24 June 2021

Department of Computer Science, IIICT, Indus University organized 3-Day FDP on “Effective Teaching, Strategies & Ethics for Professional Courses” from 22.06.2021 to 24.06.2021. The faculty development programme included experts of the domain as,

• Dr. R. K. Singh, Registrar, Indus University
• Dr Vishal Dahiya, I/c Dean, ICT, Indus University
• Dr. Dipti Sethi, Professor, IIMS, Indus University
• Dr. Renu Choudhary, HOD, IIMS, Indus University

The faculties have enthusiastically attended all sessions. The positive responses from participants are encouraging to the organizing team of Dr. Madhavi Dave and Dr. Lokesh Gagnani along with the Department of Computer Science, IIICT, Indus University.