Indus Centre for Research Innovation & Skill Development 

Research, innovation and skill development are engines for the growth of prosperity, national competitiveness, and knowledge-based economy. Indus Centre for Research Innovation and Skill Development (ICRISD) has been instituted by Indus University to foster pioneering innovations and to develop top tier skills, which can be used in enriching all sectors of Indian industry and society.

In present era, industries and organizations across the globe are: innovation, creativity, and initiative driven. Invention is the process of adding a novel idea, system, thing or product in the existing sea of research, leading to further research. It is an integral part of nation’s development and future. Thus, it is essential to acknowledge the power of innovation and have a constructive discourse on it.

At present, India’s innovation agenda is presumed to be affected by below-stated factors:

  • Ambivalent attitude towards knowledge,
  • A static view of technology,
  • Negative attitude towards failure, and
  • Hesitation to devote substantial years centering on single subject

The barriers that discourage multiplicity in the field of research can be divided into three sections: 1) Systematic, 2) Organizational, and 3) Governmental. Below-stated are the systematic barriers:

  • Lack of design and experimentation in curriculum,
  • Lack of cooperation between firms,
  • Lack of depth in industries, and
  • Absence of debate culture in the society

Organizational barriers to innovation begin from:

  • Lack of Ambition and vision at the top level,
  • Lack of perception in relation to technology modification,
  • Inadequate investment in plant and machinery,
  • Lack of skilled resources and organized structures that monitors the department of R&D

Government barrier includes time consuming cycle of resolution. Taking all the above factors into consideration, plus the requirement of professional and skill development training in academic community to meet current needs of academic institutions, industry and business, Indus University has taken a step forward to support and promote research and innovation in rapidly rising economy and nation, through the department of ICRISD. It aims to fill the existing gap between demand and obtainability of experienced man power.


Transform India through top quality innovations and skill development.


To groom citizens to achieve global level skill for premium developments.


Provide high-value services to create significant and positive impact in Gujarat and across India, through training and mentoring world-class skills required in numerous sectors of competitive industries, businesses, academia, and other areas.

  • Drive applied research, innovation, strategic collaborations and partnerships, entrepreneurship, knowledge and technology transfer, outreach and scholarly activities, commercialization, business incubation, and social and economic benefits