Indus Center of Welding Technology (ICWT)

Welding is a widely used skill offering various opportunities in the field of fabrication and construction in industries as well as for self-employment in small scale enterprises. People starting through practical welding qualifications can achieve a high level of welding skills which are much sought after. Welding skills may be gained by attending formal courses or through on-the-job training. These skills can be applied to automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, and creative arts.

Center for Welding Technology has been established to develop students’ technical skills in welding technology. It provides theoretical background followed by practical sessions to offer hands-on experience, refining the aptitude of students as per the requirements of Industry. Students shall be taught about welding terminology; usage of different equipment’s and tools to perform Arc welding process, how it works in the industry and welding symbols & its design aspects. The course covers all the facets required for a student to be well-versed with welding technology.

Objectives of the course

  • To study the basics of metal joining process.
  • To understand the theoretical and practical aspects of the welding process.
  • To perform a welding process for different working positions as per the industrial requirements.
  • To study the applicability of the welding process in the industries.

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