Women Development Cell

International Women's Day Celebration - 2021

13 March 2021

Celebrating Womenhood International  |  Women’s Day | 13 March 2021

An event was organized titled ‘Celebrating Womenhood’ by Women’s Development Cell (WDC)on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 13 March 2021 for all staff (teaching & non-teaching) of Indus University. The first part of the program was for all staff members which included an Expert session by Dr. Manisha Ubale,  and the second part of the program included motivational and engagement games for the female staff of Indus University.

The program began with the Master of the Ceremony, Ms. Parita Sheth introducing the role of WDC and its newly elected members. Welcome address was given by Dr. Sweta Shah, Chairperson – WDC. Dr. Manisha Ubale spoke on the topic ‘A Simple life style for effortless weight loss and reversal of diabetes’. She covered interesting facts on how we grapple with health issues like obesity and diabetes. With reference to her own experiences and her health success, she motivated the audience to follow an effortless diet plan so as to lead a healthy and stress-free life, thus enhancing  productivity.

An interesting part of the evening were games,  which were executed by Ms. Hemancy Chhatbar and Dr. Sweta Shah and supported by WDC staff members. The fun-filled group games provided a platform for more interaction among the inter-department female staff members. It was interesting to witness members from academics, library, exams, administration move beyond designations and departments & perform in group activities. Mrs. Meeta Agarwal, DGM – Administration was the judge for the games and her inputs made the games and the event more meaningful and enjoyable. High tea was relished over light conversation among the staff members.

Thereafter, the winners of different games were awarded. The event concluded with more smiles, positivity and enthusiasm amidst the team members.

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