Laboratories - Automobile Engineering

Laboratories – Automobile Engineering

The department of Automobile Engineering boasts of four state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate the young curiosity, to cater the exclusivity of technology and consolidation of fundamentals. The field of automobile engineering is amalgamation of technological advances and fundamental principles. The recent advancements in environmental conservation, the alternative fuel research, the hybrid technologies as well as basic IC engine performance, repair and understanding modules are encompassed.

Two and Three Wheeler’s Lab

With an aim to develop an understanding of latest technological advancements and educate 6th semester students about contemporary technological innovations, the two and three wheeler’s lab is set up in the ground floor of Bhanwar Building. The laboratory comprises of cut sections of various systems used in two and three wheeler’s, the electric version of two wheeler’s.

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

The department of Automobile Engineering offers the elective to study the refrigeration and temperature control science. The laboratory comprises of continuous freezer, Ice candy unit, HVAC set up and cooling tower. The laboratory also caters the subjects offered by department of mechanical engineering.

Automobile Engine Lab

With the aim to establish the total understanding of working/studying the parameters/analyzing the heart of an automobile, the engines. The laboratory is equipped with various test rigs (diesel/petrol), exhaust gas analyzer, rope brake dynamo-meter, cut section of entire four wheeler’s and various other modules to perform and study the core of engineering.

The laboratory also is designed to perform various experiments such as engine test rig which can accommodate blends and futuristic alternative fuels.

Automobile Systems Lab 

The understanding of various automobile systems is the key to establishing an understanding and developing the imagination and vision to analyze/design/optimize automobiles for future. With the same mission, the automobile systems laboratory is well equipped with each and every mechanical components of automobile (two and four wheelers).

Vehicle Maintenance and Garage Practice Lab

The aim of department of Automobile Engineering is not only focused on educating students to analyze and design the machines but to teach how to repair/diagnose/replace various components and systems of an automobile.

The laboratory consists of industry oriented repairing/diagnosing set ups such as injector cleaning machine, wheel balancing machine, wheel alignment assembly, required pit and tools for servicing a car and a car to perform various processes. The realization and technique of servicing grooms the aspirants for better.

Automobile Electrical and Electronics Lab

AEE stands for Automobile Electrical and Electronics. The need of the hour of the automobile engineering is to understand the electronics associated and better the electrical systems included in and automobile. The modern version of an automobile encompasses the various sensors, electronic control unit, motors, alternators and various electrical as well as electronic systems.

The laboratory consists of various models and cut sections to cater the curiosity of the students.

Automobile Component Design Lab

The Automobile component design laboratory showcases the various components of an automotive the achieve clarity while designing the same component biblically. The design process remains the core subject of the engineering offered. The visible experience enables students to achieve clarity and capability.