Laboratories - Indus Institute of Aviation Technology and Engineering

Boeing 737-200 (Heavy Aircraft)

In working condition

Crafting your Career
Get to work live on an industry giant. WIIA provides its students Boeing 737-200 fitted with all Instruments and Controls, Emergency door, Cargo door, Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17, Axial Flow Turbofan Engine in working condition for the practical training. 

This Boeing is used to provide training to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering & Hospitality Management students.

• Wing Span: 93 ft
• Fuselage length: 100 ft
• Height: 37 ft
• Design empty weight: 29000 kgs

Boeing 747 Landing Gear

Landing you the Best
WIIA is a proud owner of Boggie type Landing Gear of actual aircraft Boeing 747 for practical training of the students. Arrangement of removal and installation of Landing Gear, Brake Unit and different accessory and parts of the Landing Gear.

Students get hands-on experience with a jumbo format of aircraft equipment giving them an edge in the Global Aviation Industry.

Jet Engine Shop

Jet-Setting your Career
Imagine getting to work with live engines, dismantling them bolting them and actually getting a live feel. This is what students would do in actual workshops at MROs.

Turbo Shaft Engine & Turbo Jet Engine are in dismantle, mounted and proper cross section view for demonstration & practical use of the students.

Motor Operated SU-7 engine for the easily understand the working principle of the different parts of the engine.

• MIG -21 Turbo Jet Engine
• AN – 32 Turboprop Engine
• AN -12 Turboprop Engine
• SU-7 Turbo Jet Engine
• MI 8 Helicopter Turbo Shaft Engine

Zenith CH-2000 (Light Aircraft)

Taking off your Future
The institute owns a Light Aircraft Zenith CH-2000 fitted with Piston Engine (Lyc-O-235) with all systems in working condition for the practical training and ON JOB TRAINING of WIIA students.

• Wing Span 28 ft. 10 inch,
• Fuselage Length 23 ft.
• Height 6 ft. 10 inch.

Avionics Lab